Nintendo Wii 2 controller with touchscreen?

Source suggests six-inch screen will feature on next gen console

Nintendo’s Wii 2, due to be announced at E3 tomorrow, is rumoured to feature a six-inch touchscreen, according to a new source.

Nikkei, a Japanese website, which has successfully predicted a number of Nintendo releases over the years, has confirmed the next Wii controller have a six-inch screen, an onboard camera, and tablet like controls.

A release date of mid-2012 has also been mooted by the website.

Other rumours have suggested games could stream directly to the touchscreen, effectively making the next generation Wii a gaming hub that can be played on a TV or the controller’s screen.

Nintendo are due to unveil the Wii 2 at a press conference at E3 in Los Angeles tomorrow evening.

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Source: T3 Tech Videos