Nintendo 3DS UK launch: 113,000 sold

303,000 3DS's sold across Europe over first two days on sale

Ninty releases its own figures after chatter about console's sluggish start.

The Nintendo 3DS sold 113,000 units in its first 48 hours on UK shelves, accounting for over a third of the 303,000 sold in Europe. That’s according to Nintendo itself, which has released its own numbers instead of those from Chart Track, which independently counts sales.


Nintendo 3DS video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

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While the numbers might not seem epic, they do make the Nintendo 3DS the fastest-selling of all of the gaming giant’s handhelds. The DS managed 87,000 over the same timeframe, while the DSi shifted 92,000.

Nintendo had said that 140,000 3DS’s had been pre-ordered here in Blighty. Its target of shifting 4 million of the three dimensional consoles by the end of March is now looking highly unlikely, with just 800,000 sold in Japan and no official US numbers released.

What’s more, Chart Track has said it does not know why Nintendo has broken with convention and put out its own figures, rather than going with the independently verified official data. It seems that despite critical success, the 3DS is taking its own time becoming a commercial one.

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