Nikon introduces new Coolpix S camera range

The latest compact to compete with your smartphone

Nikon has announced the Coolpix S3500 which forms the latest entry in its Coolpix compact camera series

Nikon's Coolpix series is one of the mainstays of the compact camera market. And the company has just revealed its latest upgrade in the form of the Nikon Coolpix S3500, which goes on sale tomorrow.

The centrepiece of the new compact is the 20MP CCD sensor and 7x NIKKOR wide-angle zoom lens - which also allows the camera to shoot 720p HD video. The Japanese company has also built in Lens-shift vibration reduction and several in-camera filter effects to cater to the Instagram crowd. You can check out your creation on the S3500's 2.5-inch LCD screen.

Compact cameras are undoubtedly getting squeezed by the constant evolution of smartphone cameras, but Nikon is painting the Coolpix S3500 as a hassle-free, portable alternative that shoots better pictures than your smartphone ever could. It has 18 scene modes and will automatically optimise settings for different scenarios and environments.

“The Coolpix S3500 is made to capture the fun as it happens. Automatic focus, along with vibration reduction technology to minimise the effects of camera shake ensures crisp clear images," said James Loader, product manager for Coolpix at Nikon.

The camera will arrive with a choice of eight colours: purple, silver, black, red, orange, pink, pink with lineart, and blue with lineart. It will arrive in shops tomorrow (February 22nd) and will cost £129.