Next generation iPod Nano to receive camera?

Leaked image of new Nano case reveals likely camera slot

Apple reviving the camera for the next gen iPod Nano?

It's an exciting day for fans of Apple and cameras - with the iPhone 5 rumoured to be getting an 8MP snapper courtesy of Sony, we're also hearing rumours that the next generation iPod Nano might be geting the seemingly obligatory camera addition.

The leaked image on the right shows what the bods at 9to5Mac are claiming is a part from the seventh generation of iPod Nano, and clearly shows space for a camera in the upper right hand corner. It's not easy to get an idea of size, but from the image it also looks as though Apple will be keeping the current Nano's form factor.

The iPod Nano line is no stranger to cameras, with Apple adding a VGA camera and microphone to the fifth generation of the device back in 2009 (and then taking it out again for the current generation). However, this was before Apple adopted the Nano's current square design (the screen on which is a mere 1.5-inch diagonally). Is there no limit to what Apple will stick a camera into? Let us know your thoughts at the T3 inbox or on our Twitter feed.

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