Microsoft to launch first Windows 8 tablet next week?

Reports suggest Microsoft will launch it's own tablet

Despite the plethora of concepts and leaked images we could finally be seeing the first official Windows 8 Tablet next week made by none other than Microsoft

Microsoft could be launching the its first Windows 8 tablet next week after it was revealed the company scheduled a press event for next Monday where it plans to make a 'major announcement'.

The rumour has surfaced after the secretive press briefing was leaked onto the web and is the first clear hint that official Windows 8 hardware could be making it into consumer hands.

This won't be the first time Microsoft has launched its own hardware in this sector with the ill-fated Zune player being one of their less successful examples while a better one would be the Xbox 360, a product which is now outselling all its rivals.

With Microsoft announcing the launch of Xbox Smartglass it's possible that this new Windows 8 tablet will be Microsoft's first direct response to both Apple's New iPad and also the multi-functional Nintendo Wii U.

While it's been revealed that upgrading Windows customers will be able to get the PC version of Windows 8 for £14.99 there had been reports that non-Microsoft tablets running Windows 8 would cost significantly more than Android rivals as Microsoft is reluctant to lower the price of their tablet OS.