Microsoft sees Xbox Live subscriptions rise 15 per cent

Year-on-year Xbox Live sign ups rise by 15 per cent as Microsoft's online platform grows

Microsoft's increased efforts in the online sector has seen year-on-year Xbox Live subscriptions increase by 15 per cent, the company has confirmed

As gamers continue to embrace the online medium, Microsoft has seen Xbox Live subscribers increase 15 per cent in a single year, new reports have revealed.

Whilst the software and hardware gaming giant has failed to offer a precise breakdown of the figures, the Redmond-based Xbox 360 maker has revealed that during the past 12 months, Xbox Live subscription figures have soared 15 per cent.

With online multiplayer modes and downloadable DLC content becoming increasingly big business for developers of the most popular and highest selling titles, it is currently unclear what percentage of this increased activity is for paid-for Gold memberships and opposed to the free-access Xbox Live Silver deals.

With Microsoft reporting back in February that it had an Xbox Live subscriber base of more than 40 million, the Sony PS3 rival announced last week that the financial quarter between April and June of this year saw revenues increase 4 per cent to a staggering $18 billion.

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Via: CVG