Lomography launches LomoKino 35mm film camera

Old tech gets a modern rebirth with this premium 35mm wonder

Remember when a camera was operated by physically turning the film? Neither do we, but Lomogrophy wants to remind us of the silver screen years

Lomography has unveiled the LomoKino 35mm film camera, a modern take on one of the first film-capturing technologies invented, all wrapped in a retro-style form factor.

Taking pretty much any 35mm film available the LomoKino comes with some handy features, with a volume indicator you can easily see how much you've got left and when the film runs out, a convenient red flag pops up on the top of the camera.

To get started all you have to do is insert the film and then start turning the advancing crank and you're off, almost makes you wonder how tech got so complicated.

Despite being based on such age-old technology the LomoKino also features a focusing function for objects less than one meter, just press the close-up button and it'll focus in on the subject.

Finally to view all your wonderful retro-creations you'll need a viewer, and Lomogrophy just so happen to have one as well, made in partnership with the LomoKino.

Available now the LomoKino is just £65 and if you want the viewer thrown in it'll come in at around £89. Are you won over by its retro charm? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...