iOS app news: Google Music Beta web app launched

Major rival to iTunes Match comes through browser

Google's cloud storage locker makes waves on iOS devices.

Google has launched its Music Beta streaming service for iOS devices with an attractive, slick web app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Music Beta service is accessible only through the Safari browser, rather than a native app, which means Google doesn't have to mess around getting Apple's approval for an official place in the App Store.

The intuitive app allows users to easily browse upto 20,000 songs they've uploaded through Google Music by flicking left and right between artists, albums, songs, playlists and genres.

Music playback is swift and navigating your way around the service is as effortless, if not more so, than the native Android Music Beta app.

While it remains in Beta, Google Music is free for invited users. It's presence on Apple's mobile gadgets will give iOS fans a real choice to make between Music Beta and the forthcoming iTunes Match service.

iTunes Match will scan your entire music collection and make it available for you to download on iOS gadgets for a yearly fee, but will force you to download the files locally, rather than stream them from the cloud as Music Beta does.

Let the battle of the cloud music lockers commence.

Link: Music Beta (via TechCrunch)