HTC J Butterfly the basis for “hero” Windows Phone 8 phone?

HTC Zenith to be European version of HTC J Butterfly for Windows Phone 8

When HTC showed off the HTC J Butterfly last week it may have been the hardware behind the next HTC Windows Phone 8 hero device.

HTC were originally said to be releasing three Windows Phone 8 devices this year, the Rio, Accord and Zenith. In September HTC showed off the HTC 8S which was the Rio and the HTC 8X which was the Accord but there was no sign of the Zenith.

The rumours are that the Zenith will pack a 4.7inch 720P Super LCD screen alongside a quad-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro and 1GB RAM but we had not seen any new quad-core HTC smartphones until the J Butterfly was shown off last week.

Now that HTC have shown they do have quad-core S4 smartphones in their line up it would make sense for them to join the dual-core S4 processors in the HTC Windows Phone 8S and 8X. If HTC are going to surprise anyone with a new more powerful quad-core Windows Phone 8 device then it may well be at the Windows Phone 8 event on 29th October.

Source: WPSuperfanboy