Gran Turismo Academy hit by widespread cheating

GT Academy stage two tarnished by repeated foul play

Online racing challenge hit by foul play

The second stage of the Gran Turismo Academy 2011 has had to be scrapped after it was discovered a large portion of competitors had been caught cheating during the round.

Having discovered a loophole that allowed racers to go off track and skip a number of long tricky corner sections without punishment, a number of academy gamers were found to be using unsportsmanlike tactics, visible below, in order to gain an advantage over users sticking to the rules, and the tarmac.

Running across the US, GT Academy will feature a series of online time trials through the repeatedly delay hit but recently released Gran Turismo 5 with the 50,000 registered competitors being whittled down to one eventual winner who will then go on to be a real-life racing driving competing in a race with a Nissan race team in the states.

Having spotted the loophole allowing gamers to unashamedly cheat in their droves on the original stage two track of the GT Academy, developer Polyphony Digital rescheduled the round for another course before the issues once again appeared resulting in the complete cancellation of the stage.

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Via: GeekyGadgets