Gran Turismo 5 release marred by single player delays

GT5 server stalls cause issues for single players

Online feeds hamper standard single player GT5 content

Having persevered through countless delays prior to the title’s launch yesterday, eager Gran Turismo fans are now experiencing further interruptions as large online demand is repeatedly stalling servers inadvertently affecting single player game play.

As internet connected gamers are also fed regular streams of logs, stats, and profile data from the online community whilst competing alone in single player modes, GT5 users are finding their games crawling to a halt and being hampered by heavily prolonged loading times.

Moving through the game’s numerous menus, an arduous task at the best of times, is reportedly causing internet connected users delays lasting “several minutes” as the hefty racing sim uses “the various screen displays in GT Mode" to access servers.

In an attempt to "temporarily alleviate" these issues, Sony has removed access to the in-game updatable logs and deleted a number of online gamer profiles. Alternatively, gamers could turn their backs on the online multiplayer capabilities of GT5 and disconnect their PS3 consoles from the internet to play without delay.

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Via: CVG