Google's Android reportedly made a loss in 2010

Court case revealed previously unseen financial details on Android

While Google has usually remained quiet about the financial stats surrounding its Android operating system a court case has now shed light on the books

A US court judge yesterday revealed as part of an ongoing legal dispute between Google and Oracle that Google did in fact make a loss on its Android operating system in 2010.

Google, which usually remains quiet when it comes to the financial situation of Android is facing claims that it violated Oracle's copyright concerning several aspects of Java.

As part of the case the judge read out some financial statements on Google's Android operating system revealing that in 2010, despite generating $97.7 million in revenue the company actually made a loss in every quarter.

The case is expected to last up to eight weeks and will closely examine every aspect of both companies which could potentially mean that this will not the first and last revelation to come out of this dispute.

Source: Reuters