Facebook rolls out Facebook App Center in the UK

Centralised Facebook apps service comes to the UK to improve your social experience

The world's leading social network has added yet another string to its metaphorical bow with the Facebook App Center introduced for UK users

The latest addition to its long list of add-ons, Facebook has launched its own App Center in the UK, allowing users to view all available apps, tailored to their personal buying habits.

Letting you browse the apps your friends are using, the new content service allows users to enjoy each others company in the digital realm and play together more easily.

The App Center will only list those apps of the highest quality, ranked on the recommendations of other Facebook users, eliminating any less than worthy content that will clog up your account and spam your news feed.

With the App Center integrated into the iOS and Android Facebook apps as well as the online site, you will be able to download apps straight from the centralised location. It will even send the download request to your mobile device for you.

Accessed via a bookmark on the left hand side of your news feed, the Facebook App Center is available now.

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Words: Samantha Loveridge