Could this be the PlayStation 4? Exclusive 3D render video

T3 takes a look at a concept for Sony's next games console

A new 3D concept render of what could be the PlayStation 4 has arrived. Is this what the console will look like?

The world gathered in anticipation back on Feburary 20 as Sony launched an event to tell us all about its next console, the PlayStation 4.

And, while the Japanese company certainly did tell us about it - even going so far as to show off the controller - any chance of a peek at the actual console was denied.

Now T3 has got its hands on an exclusive 3D render of the upcoming console based on launch specs given by Sony at the press conference.

The render was inspired by Sony's core design principles and thinking, and blends elements of the entire PlayStation range to produce what could be the definitive next generation gaming console.

You can view the render in the video below and comment on it at T3's YouTube channel. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or via Twitter.