Car Tech: Formula 1 to lead hybrid revolution says F1 head

Exclusive: Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner talks car tech with

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team boss Christian Horner exclusively tells T3 how future car technologies will be led by the hybrid and fuel-efficient tech set to be introduced to the high octane sport that is F1

Formula 1 is to help push pioneering hybrid car technologies into the mainstream automotive industry helping make production cars more efficient, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has claimed.

With F1 acting as the proving ground for car tech throughout the years, Horner believes the sport’s move to greener, fuel-efficient V6 powered race cars in 2014 will further push the movement into hybrid road-faring vehicles.

“I think the hybrid technology is going to be a test bed and showcase for F1 so that’s an obvious area that our partners Renault and Infinity are looking to derive a real benefit from,” the Formula 1 team manager said in an exclusive interview with T3.

“F1 is the pinnacle of technology and I think the battery development, the hybrid development that’s going on in F1 at the moment can only benefit the automotive sector in terms of the prototype technology that we’re pioneering.”

Whilst Horner believes that technologies introduced to Formula 1 should aid future production cars, he insists this should not be the sole reason for their inclusion or take anything away from the close, competitive nature of F1.

“There’s got to be a balance as F1 has got to be a great show,” the Red Bull racing head said. “That’s what the fans want to see, man and machine at the limit, racing wheel to wheel. Technology plays a part but I don’t think it should be the domineering part.”

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