iPhone 5 Camera: Sony sensor allows for slimmer handset

Next-generation Apple handset tipped to sport improved camera and slimmer form factor

Details of Apple's next-generation pocket blower have leaked online ahead of the Apple iPhone 5 release date with a new camera and slim design tipped

The Apple iPhone 5 rumours are back with Apple tipped to shave millimetres off the form of its next-generation handset thanks to the introduction of a new streamlined Sony camera sensor.

Whilst handsets and tablets continue to ship with increasingly slim form factors, the lack of cut sized camera sensors has started to slow the possibilities of skinnier devices.

Sony, however, has announced a new back-illuminated CMOS sensor tipped for inclusion within the Apple iPhone 5 that will allow for increasingly thin designs with improved functionality.

"This image sensor layers the pixel section containing formations of back-illuminated structure pixels onto chips containing the circuit section for signal processing, which is in place of supporting substrates for conventional back-illuminated CMOS image sensors," the component's description declared.

"This structure achieves further enhancement in image quality, superior functionalities and a more compact size that will lead to enhanced camera evolution."

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Originally expected to land in the place of the now popular Apple iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 is expected to land later this year with an all new form factor and a bevy of improved innards.

Following the continual trends of the smartphone scene the iPhone 5 is expected to up its camera and processor offerings with shedding a few millimetres and grams although further details on these enhanced components are currently unknown.

What would you like to see Apple drop in the iPhone 5? Would a new, thinner form factor be top of that list? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: 9to5Mac