Tech Today: Apple HD TV update, iPhone camera improvements

Plus: Facebook Credits set for web expansion, Netflix woes as UK launch confirmed

Apple's HD TV project will reportedly be led by the creator of iTunes, while Facebook Credits could become the internet's currency. There's also some bad news for Netflix as it prepares for the UK launch

iTunes boss in charge of Apple HD TV project
Late Apple visionary Steve Jobs placed Jeff Robbin, the man largely credited with creating iTunes and playing a major role in the production of the iPod, in charge of Apple's top secret HD TV project, according to reports on Monday night. Jobs' official biography reveals that an Apple branded display "will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it." he told biographer Walter Isaacson.

Netflix suffers huge US subscriber losses
UK-bound movie streaming service Netflix has revealed it lost a whopping 800,000 subscribers in the United States during the last financial quarter. The company's subscriber base plummeted from 24.39m to 23.59m members in the last three months. Backlash over a huge price hike and indecision over the future of its disc delivery service have been blamed for the losses. News that the company may be in the red for the whole of 2012 saw share prices drop 26 per cent in after hours trading.
Link: TechRadar

iPhone camera improvement displayed by Camera+ developer
The founder of the Camera+ iPhone app has posted an interesting comparison shot chronicling the improvement of the iPhone's camera down the years. Once derided as a 2-megapixel joke on the original iPhone, while the 4S boasts an 8-megapixel sensor, with the best lens tech yet. Check out the image above.
Link: Gizmodo

Facebook primes Credits for web currency takeover
Facebook Credits could soon become the internet's very own currency after the social network revealed it has begun working with websites to enable Credits, generally used for gaming, to be spend outside of the confines of The trial is beginning with social games company GameHouse and will enable users to utilise their Facebook Credits on that site as well as through Facebook.
Link: AllThingsD

Anonymous turns attentions to fighting child porn
The hacking group known as Anonymous is claiming responsibility for taking down a child porn website which contained over 100GB of illegal materials. The collective released a statement saying it is targeting 40+ sites and their hosts. The login details of over 1,500 members of the site Lolita City have been published online.