App week: PlayStation app revealed, Scalextric for iPhone

Pure Lounge reviewed, new translation app wows

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


PlayStation app to Android and iPhone
There's been plenty of word that the campfire that Sony is plotting a PlayStation Android phone, but in the meantime, we've been greeted with an official app for Android and iPhone. There's no gaming to be had hear, but you can keep track on your trophies and get the latest PS3 and PSP news direct from the source.

Translate foreign languages through your camera lens
Every now and again, an app comes along that makes you want to thank the smartphone gods for the bounty you're about to receive. The Word Lens app for iPhone will translate road signs and newspaper text from Spanish to English using augmented reality through your iPhone's camera lens.

Retro racing on your iPad
We love a bit of retro gaming so when news filtered through of a Scalextric app for iPhone and iPad we just about looped the loop. Just like the real thing you can build your own tracks to race around and thanks to Apple's Game Centre you can race on other people's tracks and set new best times.

Latitude lands on the App Store
Google's location-aware service has landed on the App Store, meaning iPhone owners can now be tracked wherever they go, should they so desire. The app was initially added a week ago, but swiftly pulled down by Apple. The fully approved version is now ready to download.

App of the Week | Angry Birds HD
The iPhone game causing a stir around the world has gone big, gone HD, gone iPad bound
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A Pure five star app bringing radio to your iPhone
Pure's range of internet radios have been a massive hit, so this iPhone iteration of the service is a most welcome addition to the App Store. With 16,000 stations and thousands of podcasts available to download this could be the best festive gift you ever get your iPhone

Windows 7 tells us to gaze skywards
The Windows 7 app portal hit the 4,000 mark this week, but there can't be many cooler than this. The Look Up Tonight app tells would-be star-chasers when they'll be able to see satellites pass overhead A real rival to Google Sky View for Android, this is a must download for Windows 7 users.

BlackBerry gets a neat but basic photo editor
The cameras are certainly getting a lot better on RIM's smartphone offering and this tidy little app will improve matters further. For just 79p Photo Editor can handle a range of tweaks, crops and rotations to refine the photo before posting it online. Definitely worth a punt.

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