Android App News: Google Translate now at 14 languages

Turning Japanese, our Android's turning Japanese...

Google's quest to make the world even smaller has been assisted by an update to its Translate tool, which includes the mighty cool Conversation Mode. The upgraded features 14 languages in total

The Google Translate app for Android, which allows you to speak into your phone and have the handset speak the sentence back in a different language has now been updated to feature 14 different languages.

The brilliant travelling companion only featured English to Spanish and Spanish to English when it launched late last year, but now you'll be able to use it in most parts of the civilised world to ensure that barman always know you want "two beers please."

Among the 14 languages now available are Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian and Czech. Doesn't leave a lot our really, does it?

Google says the Conversation Mode feature remains in the early part of its lifecyle and intimated that if you happen to be from Scotland or the North East, then the translation may not be entirely accurate.

However, the app will always check with you before blurting out something that may be highly offensive, and you can also see text to ensure it heard you correctly.

Minus the Conversation Mode portion of the app, you can use text translate with a whopping 50 launguages.

You'll need Android 2.2 to update to the new version of the app. Bon Voyage!

Link: IBT