Wimbledon 2012: Best tennis racquets to buy

Plus: How to ace your serve

Nothing says summer like the beginning of the Wimbledon Championships (and the customary rain delays). Here's our pick of the best tennis rackets to show off your skills

The green, green grass of home has been invaded by the annual ball slugging, lady grunting, strawberry gorging, rainy day Cliff Richard sing-a-long that is the Wimbledon Championships. With England crashing out of the Euros, thoughts immediately have turned to Andy Murray's quest to secure a first Major title...

If seeing the Scot attempt to win the most coveted prize in tennis has you itching to get out on the court, we've served up the best tennis racquets to buy plus how you can pull off that ace serve.

1/ Best for… Additional power

Head Youtek IG Speed MP 18/20

This is Djokovic's weapon of choice. The 'Innegra' hybrid-composite build makes it ultra-tough and reduces vibrations by up to 17% for incredible control and precision.

£180, www.head.com

2/ Best for… Controlled play

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

Large holes replace restrictive grommets, letting the strings respond more freely for increased control over the ball. Great for net shots.

£180, www.princetennis.com

3/ Best for… Big hitters

Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus

The strong HM6 carbon frame provides power and the sharkskin-inspired Aeroskin lets the racquet whip through the air with reduced drag.

£160, www.dunlopsport.com

4/ Best for… Spin

Yonex Vcore 100S

Designed for tricksy players who roll their racquets for increased spin, the 100S features angled grommets and an open-string pattern, and is used by former world number one and Rory McIlroy fan, Caroline Wozniacki.

£150, www.yonex.com

5/ Best for… Grass courts

Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX

Favoured by Federer, king of the grass courts, this Wilson racquet’s BLX treatment weaves basalt fibres into the frame for extra precision.

£180, www.wilson.com

6/ Best for… Clay courts

Babolat Aeropro Drive

Braided carbon fibre and tungsten filaments give Nadal’s weapon of choice a stronger frame, allowing for greater precision and added spin.

£185, www.babolat.com

How to ace your serve

According to Dan Bloxham, Head Coach at the All England Lawn Tennis Club

1/ Take your time collecting the balls. This will give you a chance to recover
your breathing and think about your strategy.

2/ Perform the same pre-serve routine every time. Rituals keep you calm however big the point.

3/ Know where you are going to serve to, with what spin and what you would like to do with your second shot.

4/ Focus on a smooth place up – one o’clock for a right-hander, eleven o’clock for a left-hander.

5/ Keep the racquet head constant, following an imaginary line to where you want the ball to go.