Best fridge freezer: the top upright freezer-fridge combos

Make every food stock-up a pleasure with one of these top fridge freezers

A decent sized fridge freezer can look after all your fresh and frozen foods in one convenient unit, which is typically cheaper than buying a separate fridge and freezer. Buying two that match is something you don't have to worry about either.

These eight fridge freezers really look the part - they take up less space too. So chill and freeze your groceries in style with one of the following appliances.

1. Samsung RH7000 Food ShowCase (RH56J69187F)

Price: £1,849 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 376 litres; freezer: 179 litres | Size: H 1794 x W 912 x D 732 | Energy efficiency: A++


This American style brushed steel kitchen swallower is amazing on numerous fronts. Firstly, it has an extra outer door on the fridge side that, when opened using the split handle, exposes all the groceries stacked on the inner door shelves. This is a genuine hassle saver that negates the need to wrestle with the main door when performing quick tasks like making a cup of tea. Here you simply open the ShowCase door and grab what you need.

When you open the main door, you're faced with the same door shelves from a different angle plus five interior shelves and two huge fruit and veg containers. That's a whopping 376 litres of shopping at your fingertips. Moving over to the freezer side, you're greeted by a chilled water and crushed ice dispenser that's plumbed in for convenience.

The freezer compartment itself has a capacity of 179 litres and is comprised of four shelves, two lidded containers and three inner door trays for smaller items. Right now we can't think of a more satisfyingly practical slice of kitchen tech. If Carlsberg built fridges…

2. LG GS9366AEAV

Price: £1,300 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 405 litres; freezer: 209 litres | Size: H 1790 x W 912 x D 712 | Energy efficiency: A+


LG continually pushes the envelope by providing a shedload of groundbreaking innovations at very affordable price points. This American fridge-freezer is a prime example. According to LG, opening a fridge door of this size causes the equivalent of a bath tub of cold air to literally fall out.

So, in order to reduce that sum to a bucket's worth, they've fitted a second outer Smart Eco door to the upper section of the fridge side, allowing instant access to the most used items like milk, butter, spreads and snacks. Open the main door and you're faced with a monstrous 405 litres of space with four glass shelves (non height adjustable), three large fruit and vegetable compartments (one of them fitted with a vacuum button) and a further six compartments in the door.

Over to our left is the freezer section fronted by a plumbed-in chilled water and ice dispenser. Open up and you get four removable glass shelves and two storage containers. Other design features include anti-bacterial protection, express freeze, a child lock, Multi Air Flow for efficient temperature distribution, anti mould door seals and smartphone connectivity in the event of a fault.

And if you think this one's not big enough, wait till LG launches its colossal Door-in-Door Mega Capacity (LPXS346C) model later in the year.

3. Miele KFN 12943 SD edt/cs

Price: £2,050 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 338 litres; freezer: 115 litres | Size: H 2020 x W 750 x D 630 | Energy efficiency: A+


If you have kids who constantly slam the fridge door, try them out on this. Miele's Soft Close anti-slam system gently closes itself as soon as the door reaches a 30˚ angle. And it's just as effortless to open.

Dynamic Cooling, meanwhile, ensures that food remains fresher for longer by dint of a fan that distributes a constant stream of chilled air throughout the interior. This allows you to store any product anywhere in the fridge. At over two metres, this is one of the tallest – and widest – single-door fridge freezers on test so be sure you're tall enough to reach its top shelf.

Its 60/40 split offers ample refrigeration space with five fully adjustable shelves and three freezer compartments. And, rather handily, the fridge compartment can be switched off without affecting the freezer – a great way to save electricity while you're on holiday.

4. Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic (FAB32RNA)

Price: £1,599 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 229 litres; freezer: 75 litres | Size: H 1926 x W 600 x D 720 | Energy efficiency: A++


Despite being on the market for many years, Smeg's retro range of fridges and freezers still look as fresh as ever. Available in both left and right handed door configurations and seven gorgeous colours, the aptly named FAB is perfect for a family of four.

Don't go searching for high-tech functions and interior innovations because this fridge is all about the rounded 1950s-style enamelled exterior. That said, it does have three height-adjustable shelves, a vegetable section, an excellent array of door-mounted trays (seven in all) and a chrome wine rack.

The freezer compartment, meanwhile, is comprised of two basket drawers and a hatched ice cream compartment. If you have a country-style kitchen then this is unquestionably one of your best options.

5. Bosch Serie 4 (KGN30VW25G)

Price: £380 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 184 litres; freezer: 66 litres | Size: H 1700 x W 600 x D 650 | Energy efficiency: A+


If you're looking for a fridge freezer that doesn't cost the earth then step right this way. This no-frost model features a humidity-controlled CrisperBox for longer-lasting veg and sensor-supervised constant air circulation for uniform temperatures.

The top half has similar dimensions to that of an under-counter fridge so there should be enough space on board for a family's worth of groceries. The freezer compartment, meanwhile, has plenty of space for the remains of last night's lasagne, several tubs of ice cream, a sack of French fries, some frozen peas and a bag of ice. A great value option for smaller families and couples with space restraints.

6. Siemens iQ700 (CI36BP01)

Price: £3,995 | Type: Built in | Capacity: Fridge: 380 litres; freezer: 146 litres | Size: H 2125 x W 908 x D 608 | Energy efficiency: A+


This premier-priced brute comes with a raft of practical design flourishes including two huge French doors that open together, fan-assisted temperature distribution to every shelf level, an antibacterial filter to neutralise odours, a SuperCool function, an automatic ice maker and a fantastic freezer drawer that glides out on rails.

It's an utterly imposing sight when you first open those two doors – we've seen smaller dressing rooms. The iQ700 has a combined capacity of a massive 526 litres so chances are you won't have a problem finding somewhere to put that extras six-pack of Peronis.

The Siemens is equipped with a tranche of handy shelves and trays, including a lower meat drawer that would work well as a wine chiller. Small wonder this appliance costs so much – all that space and impeccable build quality comes at an extremely high price.

7. Steel Cucine Genesi

Price: £1,675 | Type: Built in or freestanding | Capacity: Fridge: 377 litres; freezer: 266 litres | Size: H 1719 x W 905 x D 726 | Energy efficiency: A++


For the ultra modern kitchen, how about this striking Italian workhorse. Steel Cucine is a popular designer brand in Europe but it's relatively new to the UK. It's the brand many interior designers and home décor magazine editors are inevitably drawn towards.

And small wonder when you look at the colours, the details and the stunning finish. Take a gander inside and you'll find three adjustable shelves, one non-adjustable shelf and two fruit and vegetable drawers. We've got to admit that the interior doesn't look as appealing as others in this roundup and the five door trays look a bit cheap.

The freezer department is just behind the ice and water dispenser and is comprised of five varyingly-sized storage areas. Double air circulation ensures an even temperature throughout. But this product is all about looks and in that respect it positively oozes style. The Ganesi is available in eight dazzling colours: yellow, red, lime, white, green, black, stainless steel and anthracite.

8. Neff KI6873F30G

Price: £743 | Type: Built in | Capacity: Fridge: 211 litres; freezer: 61 litres | Size: H 1772 x W 558 x D 525 | Energy efficiency: A++


This integrated fridge/freezer is ideal for kitchens with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. It comes equipped with five door trays, four height-adjustable glass shelves and, in the freezer compartment, two decent-sized storage containers.

Its FreshSense function uses sensors to keep the fridge at the optimum operating temperature while its HydroFresh vegetable box adds extra life to your perishables.

Lastly, the Neff's manually-set SuperCool and SuperFreeze options lower the temperature of both the fridge and freezer when adding new groceries and should there be a power cut, your meats will stay frozen for up to 26 hours.