2011 tech: 10 Things to do with your camera

Pictorial projects to get the most out of your snapping

Looking for inspiration and photo project ideas? we've compiled a list of creative photography themes to keep you motivated all year long.

Photography projects are a great way to focus your photography. They will make you a better photographer and you'll have lots of fun. Here we've provided a list of 10 projects for you to experiment with and aren't too difficult to achieve.

It's good to have a few projects on the go at once if possible, as it prevents you from getting bored or feeling under pressure if you're finding it difficult. So click the link below and start planning your snapping year ahead.

1. A-Z or 1-2-3

Photo by Amy Davies

There are a couple of ways to approach this, you could shoot something for every letter of the alphabet/number, i.e. an apple, a bench, a cat, 2 flowers, 3 dogs etc etc, or you could look for written letters and numbers or shapes that look like them.

2. Use your mobile phone camera

Leave the DSLR at home for a week and challenge yourself to produce interesting photos using just your phone's cam. If you have an iPhone there's also a myriad of creative apps you can download.

3. Photowalks

Make it a weekly event to set out from your house/office/wherever and take a picture at defined intervals, say every 5 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone to help remind you and once it goes off, stop and shoot whatever you see within 60 seconds.

4. Household objects

Stuck indoors on a rainy day? Look around your house with fresh eyes. The home is a great place for abstracts, macros and still lifes. You could shoot a different room every week, or challenge yourself to find 5 photos per room.

5. Same scene, different time

Shoot the same scene at the same time every day, week or month to see how it changes over time. Particularly interesting places include those with lots of people, or landscapes where the seasons will be particularly obvious.

6. Shoot your home town

It's easy to find inspiration when you're on holiday but what about the rest of the year? Look for new perspectives on your local area and you might be surprised by what you might find.

7. Water water everywhere

Have fun shooting underwater portraits, beach shots and unusual perspectives of swimmers, surfers and boats with an underwater compact or housing for your DSLR. At home, create amazing water drop photographs.

8. Go graphical

Keep an eye out for graphic shapes, lines and bright colours. Shoot close up and use unusual angles to create an abstract impression. Find graphic abstracts from a single building and collect them together for an interesting montage.

9. Create a photogram with your scanner

Another project that can be tried out at home. Transform your ordinary flatbed scanner into an image-making device and create artistic photograms in just a few simple steps. Follow this technique to find out how.

10. Paint with light

Challenge yourself to take creative pictures by painting with light. All you need is a dark room and a torch. Take a look at the work of Michael Bosanko for inspiration once you've mastered the technique.