Energy bills: This Shell Energy tariff is the cheapest fixed rate deal - it undercuts the price cap by £285

Switch to Shell Energy and you could reduce your energy bills by almost £300 per year with our exclusive deal

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We've launched an exclusive gas and electricity tariff with Shell Energy that undercuts the Ofgem price cap by £285. Switch to the new Energy September 2021 v4 plan, and the average home will have an energy bill of just £841 per year - rather than £1,127 with the Ofgem price cap. Plus you'll get a free £20 credit on your dual fuel bill, or £10 on your single fuel bill too.

That makes this exclusive Shell Energy tariff the cheapest fixed rate deal available right now. It uses 100% renewable electricity, and is available to both new and existing customers.

The only way to get this exclusive tariff is to switch through our energy price comparison service (opens in new tab)

Bear in mind that the savings below are based on the gas and electricity usage of an average UK home. Energy prices differ across the UK, and your energy bills are also affected by how much you use - so to get an accurate estimate of exactly how much your home would save by switching to this cheap Shell tariff, you'll need to run our energy comparison (opens in new tab). (It takes less than two minutes, and we'll show you all the best best energy deals (opens in new tab) in your area so you can be sure you're choosing the right one for your home).   

Shell Energy: Energy September 2021 v4 + £20 Bill Credit
Fixed: one year | Early exit fees: £30 per fuel | Average annual price: £841/year* | Save £285/year

This exclusive deal from Shell Energy is the cheapest fixed rate tariff available, and includes a £20 credit towards your dual fuel bill. You'll get 100% renewable electricity as standard, and prices will be fixed until the end of September 2021. Plus, if you're already a Shell Energy customer, you can still switch. Find out how much you could save with this exclusive Shell Energy deal (opens in new tab)

*Details are subject to change. Average bill value based on Ofgem figures for medium dual-fuel use. All information correct as of 18/08/2020.

Why switch to this Shell Energy tariff

If you switch to the new Energy September 2021 v4 plan with our price comparison service, you'll get a £20 credit towards your energy bill if you use dual fuel, or £10 for single fuel. It will be applied automatically within 90 days. At the time of writing, this was the cheapest fixed tariff in the UK.

To qualify for the credit, you need to have a valid direct debit that's still active after the second monthly statement is received. You also need to be on supply - and you can't have cancelled, or be in the process of cancelling, your Shell Energy tariff.

Like most fixed-rate tariffs, there's an exit fee of £30 per fuel if you switch before the end of September 2021. 

The best way to see exactly how much you could actually save if you switch to the cheapest energy deal around currently is to tell us your postcode, and how much energy you use, and we'll give you an estimation. If you decide to switch, we can handle the whole thing for you - we'll tell you when it's done.  

Find the best energy deals for your home (opens in new tab)
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If you don't need a fixed-rate deal, you may be able to save even more money by switching to a variable tariff. Either way, a simple energy comparison, which takes just a couple of minutes, will tell you which tariffs are cheapest for your home - and help you switch with ease. Save money now (opens in new tab)

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