Best tackle boxes for fishing: T3's top tackle box picks

Apply a little carpe diem and use a tackle box to make sure all of your fishing apparatus is ready for your next trip out on the boat

The best tackle boxes for fishing

There’s nothing worse than a missed catch, especially when it comes down to the fact that your floats are mixed up with your sinkers, and your hooks have snuck off somewhere you can’t find them. 

To avoid this disappointment, make sure all of your equipment is organised with our list of the best tackle boxes for fishing. 

The best tackle box is going to provide you with plenty of storage options, with space to store your plastic tackle trays, ropes, maps, tools and licenses. 

Better still, the tackle box needs to be portable with the Wild River Tackle Tek Recon Lighted Backpack coming up tops for convenience and design. 

If you’re new to the fishing lark, it’s good to know that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a tackle box if you don’t want to. 

A basic one, like the Wychwood Complete Tackle Box from Go Outdoors will only set you back about £15 and there’s plenty of space to keep all of your baits and lures separated, too.  

The best fishing tackle box

1. Wild River Tackle Tek Recon Lighted Backpack

A tackle box come rucksack for the serious anglers

Reasons to buy
+Plenty of handy storage solutions

Those who have every bit of fishing paraphernalia going should take note of this backpack from Wild River. From the retractable lanyard to the four 3500-series tray capacity, when it comes to the ultimate storage solution, this rucksack has everything going for it. 

The four 3500-series trays are included and the bag also boasts an integrated LED light system for when you’re fishing at night, too. 

Flambeau Tackle T4 Multiloader

2. Flambeau Tackle T4 Multiloader

This traditional tackle box also offers up heaps of storage potential

Reasons to buy
+Flip up top lid provides quick access to storage compartments

Costing much less than the rucksack but offering just as many options when it comes to storage, this is a great buy for any angler. There’s easy access to the top compartment, where you can store your smaller bits and bobs, while the main compartment is perfect for storing larger items such as rope and pliers. 

With the bottom section solely for your larger storage requirements, and the handy addition of 4 line dispensing ports, when it comes to convenience, this box has it in droves. 

Wychwood Complete Tackle Box

3. Wychwood Complete Tackle Box

A basic box in comparison, but the perfect size for those just starting out

Reasons to buy
+4 inner compartments to organise all of your kit

When you’re just starting out in the fishing-verse you’re not going to have every piece of equipment going. 

It’s nice to have your own hooks, baits and lures though, as well as floaters and sinkers, so having a tackle box of your own to keep things organised is certainly a good idea and with this one from Wychwood setting you back around just £15, won’t be too testing on the pockets, either… especially when you’ve got to factor in paying for licenses and the likes. 

SKB Tackle Box

4. SKB Tackle Box

The perfect box for serious fishermen

Reasons to buy
+Hang up to 40 sinkers

Virtually indestructible, it doesn’t matter how rough the sea happens to be when you’re out on the boat, this tackle box should be able to handle being thrown around the deck. 

There’s plenty of handy compartments with space for four storage trays, a hanging area to store around 40 sinkers, plus a large compartment for larger tools. 

Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box

5. Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box

29 compartments for convenient storage of your smallest items

Reasons to buy
+Great if you like to travel light

This incredibly compact fishing box offers up just enough space for storing smaller angling items and tools. 

One side is dedicated to the bigger items, such as spools of hook link material and scissors, while the other side features plenty of compartments for the really fiddly items such as rig rings, shrink tubing, and swivels.