Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review: a versatile flashlight that'll grip to magnetic surfaces

Need one versatile torch to light up the night? The wand-style magnetic Big Larry 2 doubles up as standalone light

Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review
(Image credit: Nebo)
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If you're after a hand-held torch that can double up as a work light when outdoors, gardening, camping or working in the garage, the Big Larry 2 is your new best mate. This wand-style magnetic torch stands out for its versatility – and for its very reasonable price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Works both handheld and freestanding

  • +

    Tough and water-resistant

  • +

    Bright 500 max lumens

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Short battery life

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When is a torch not a torch? When it doubles up as a standalone light source you can put down on the ground or attach to metal surfaces while you work hands-free. Nebo's Big Larry 2 is a wand-style torches that can be hand-held or used as a standalone work light. It's one of the best flashlight options for use in a workshop, but we also like it for camping, hiking, keeping in the car or around the house. Here's our full Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review.

Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review: design and features 

Big Larry 2 has one key difference to a traditional flashlight – its main light is on the side, rather than the top, of the torch. This makes it easy both to hand-hold Big Larry or to pop him down on a flat surface (the base is also magnetic, and will stick to metal surfaces such as a car bonnet) – the latter comes in very handy whether you're setting up a tent on a camping trip, or working in a garage or a workshop, and need to use both hands. Four light modes, with a highest lumens (lumens are the measure of a torch's brightness) setting of 500 are available, plus a separate top light works more like a traditional torch, and has a 200 lumen maximum.

Despite its 'Big' moniker, the Larry 2 isn't huge – it's easy to hold in the hand, and looks rather like an oversized marker pen. It'll still go into your pocket or easily into a backpack when needed, so it works for fast-paced camping and hiking adventures as well as around the house or for popping in your toolbox. A red flashing option is handy to have on hand for emergencies. Larry takes three AA batteries, which are included, or a 'Pro' rechargeable version of the torch is available. We like the size of the Big Larry 2, but a 'Lil Larry' is also available, and is even more pocket-friendly, both in size and price. 

Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review: performance

The Big Larry 2 feels like great quality to use, despite its modest price – water and impact-resistant, it's designed to take a few knocks and scrapes in its stride. The fully dimmable light is easy to adjust for any job, and with a very bright max of 500 lumens, Big Larry can light up a room or a workspace effortlessly when set down on a surface. If you're holding Larry while walking, the top light's 200 lumens are also bright enough to illuminate trails. 

The only downside to the Big Larry 2 is the reasonably short battery life of two to three hours at max lumens (although you get up to 20 hours if you stick to Big Larry's lower, 40 lumen setting), so it'll need a regular supply of fresh batteries if you're using it intensively, such as when working outdoors at night for long stretches of time. 

Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review

(Image credit: Nebo)

Nebo Big Larry 2 torch review: verdict

Put simply, the Big Larry 2 offers brilliant quality for your buck. This wand-style light works well both as a handheld torch and as a hands-free light, making it very useful to have around the house, in a workshop or when camping. 500 lumens and a magnetic base make it a contender for professionals in need of a hardworking torch, too. We reckon you'll be reaching for this versatile and affordable torch again and again.

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