You can now get Transition lenses in a range of colours

These practical lenses have just received a style boost

Transition lenses colours

Transition lenses are now available in four different colours – a selection of earthy shades to make Transition lenses more stylish and give you more choice when it comes to creating your glasses.

We've been to Cubitt's in Soho, so see how the new lenses compliment Cubitt's handmade frames.

Transitions was the first brand to introduce people to the idea of wearing one pair of glasses both outdoors and indoors.

The light adaptive lenses start off clear and gradually darken with exposure to UV rays – providing 100-percent protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Now Transitions has injected a little style and customisation into its lenses, offering a new selection of coloured lenses to choose from.

As well as the three traditional options, Grey, Brown and Graphite Green, you can now choose between Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire or Amber.

Check out the colours below:

Here's what Transitions has to say about the colours:

  • Amber: Feel the love with the warm, vintage vibe of our amber colour lenses. New lenses, new you. And negativity? Positively not.
  • Amethyst: Breathe deep. Relax with the soothing calm of our amethyst colour lenses. They're like meditation for your eyes. And oh so stylish, too.
  • Emerald: Confidence is key to success. But the lucky look of our emerald colour lenses couldn't hurt, either.
  • Sapphire: You're all about creativity. You dress to be noticed. Unleash your inner rock star with our sapphire colour lenses. Trust us, they're totally your thing.

T3's favourite colourway is Emerald, especially paired with a clear frame, such as the Herbrand from Cubbits.

You can check out the new Style Colour range at opticians that stock Transitions lenses.

Spencer Hart
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