Yeezy Season 3 is upon us: here's how to watch it

Kanye West / Fashion Show / Album launch - what more could you ask for?

If you're a fan of the greatest living rockstar on the planet (his words, not ours) it's going to be a good day for you, because later tonight Kayne West is set to unveil his new clothing collection, oh, and album.

What is Yeezy Season 3?

It's Kayne's third fashion collection. His first was show off this time in 2015.

Has it been a well-kept secret?

No. Kayne and his better half haven't exactly been keeping mum on the new range, going as far as posting images of pieces to Twitter and Instagram. It's created quite a buzz.

Any details on the album?

Yes! It'll be called The Life of Pablo. We've got a full tracklist, and you can hear the first tracks on Soundcloud.

When is it?

In the UK - 9PM tonight (11 February).

How do I watch it?

The fashion show will take place at Madison Square Gardens, but chances are, if you've got tickets to that you wouldn't be asking these stupid questions.

You can also watch it if you don't happen to be at New York Fashion Week, on Tidal - remember that?

Follow this link here, and you'll be able to live stream the fashion show and new album.

Happy Yeezy Season everybody!