"World's first punch bag with a brain" can improve your boxing skills at home

Things are aBhout to get serious, thanks to the new motion-tracking AI boxing bag that can teach you how to box

Bhout launches world's first smart punch bag
(Image credit: Bhout)

While many of the best punch bags are suitable for home use, and some of them are even collected to apps (e.g. Fightcamp), Bhout's new heavy bag is said to be the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) enabled punching bag, soon to be launched in the UK and US. Using machine learning, the Bhout bag can "continuously challenge and motivate you" – as well as teach the sweet science of boxing. Put on your boxing gloves, and let's get punching!

Six years in design and development, the new AI punch bag's body is multi-layered and boasts "life-like tactility", with the core composed of 85% water to avoid the risk of injury, Bhout explains. The outside of the bag is made from organic material (artificial skin made from cactus leaves). As for functionality, the bag's integrated "nudging system" is based on video games and made up of colours and music aimed at each type of training and intensity, which helps to improve the player's motivation. It can even match your fight intensity to your mood!

The Bhout eco-system offers gamified fitness and enables Bhouters (see what they did there?) to keep fit, compete and earn Bhout in-app tokens and rewards. Players can virtually compete against themselves or each other. Bhout claims that people can also become trainers and earn in-app currency from the community. How this works is yet to be revealed/explained.

What's certain is that Bhout provides a platform for people to improve coordination and speed through boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or even non-fighting workouts. The bag allows a 180º rotation so that exercisers can perform all sorts of strength training exercises. The sensors calculate the power and location of each strike and transmit this information to the Bhout brain precisely.

A limited release of the bags will be launched in the UK and US in early 2023. To be one of the first to have this gadget, join the waiting list at Bhout today. Those who join the waitlist can buy the bag for 25% off when it's launched. The price is TBC, and it includes the bag, delivery to your home, a set of boxing gloves, resistance and strength bands and a 12-month trial of the Bhout app.

Matt Kollat
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