Cheap SUP alert! This top touring paddle board just got a big price cut

For a limited time, the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10ft touring inflatable paddle board is even better value than usual

(Image credit: Decathlon)

There's apparently a heatwave on the way, and if you've been thinking that this could be the summer to get into stand up paddle boarding, it's time to get kitted out. There's a top deal on an already pretty budget-friendly model from Decathlon – for a limited time, the Itiwit X100 10ft touring inflatable paddle board is £249.99, with £50 off the RRP. 

This board is designed for touring, but the stable design means it's also included in our best paddle board for beginners guide, while you'll find a slightly more advanced version from this range in our general best inflatable paddle board guide. There's a colourful backpack for easy carrying, detachable fin, and leash to keep it securely attached all included.

Although you will need to supply your own pump and paddle, this paddle board still delivers plenty of bang for your buck. It weighs in at an easy-to-tote 9kg, and comes extremely well reviewed, with nearly 500 of the ~700 reviewers giving it a full five stars.

Itiwit X100 10ft touring inflatable paddle board: was £299.99, now £249.99 at Decathlon (save £50)

Itiwit X100 10ft touring inflatable paddle board: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was £299.99, now £249.99 at Decathlon (save £50)
This budget-friendly but capable stand-up paddle board is made for touring along the coast or local waterways. It's designed to be stable and easy to handle, and comes with a fin, leash, carry bag and valve tightening tool.

This is a touring shaped board. If you're after an equally beginner-friendly and good value option for more general use, head to our Surfstar 10'6" Advance Star inflatable stand up paddleboard review – this kit clocks in at almost exactly the same price, and we were hugely impressed with it in our tests (we gave it a full five stars). 

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