This washing machine is too cool for electricity

All you need is 10 litres of water and some good ol’ foot power

Sometimes the greatest gadgets are ones that use no electricity at all. Take Drumi - this bit of kit looks like it is straight from the set of Star Wars but it is actually a new laundry system that doesn't need electricity to work.

Instead, all you need is 10 litres of water, some detergent and the ability to pump a pedal for five minutes.

Granted, it's never going to replace the washing machine in your home but Drumi - which ways just 6KG and is 22 inches high - could be the ideal thing for those who go on long-ass camping trips and want to stop smelling like a sewer.

Yirego, the maker of Drumi, says its device will be out in the Summer - costing around $129 (£90).

Via Digital Trends