This Stone Island knitwear changes colour depending on the weather

Who needs a thermometer?

We've seen some innovative knitwear recently, but these sweaters from Stone Island are the most impressive.

The capsule is called Ice Knit, and is made from exclusive thermo-sensitive yarn which drastically changes colour when the temperature changes.

What's impressive is that this sweater reacts to external temperatures, rather than your temperature (discoloured armpits are never a good look).

This is achieved by a strong double-knit construction, with the outer face crafted from the thermo-sensitive yarn, while the inner layer is made from pure wool. 

Ice Knit is available in three different colours, emerald-to-military green, ivory-to-anthracite, and yellow-to-orange.

Check them out below:

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The pieces are available from Stone Island's website, although with limited availability, you may have to resort to resale.

Each piece will cost £1,395.

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