The Greatest Trainers Of All Time?

An exhibition in London asked sneaker experts to choose THE definitive list of the 25 most classic creps ever. And the results are in…

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Ever wondered what the official 25 best trainers of all time were? Online curated clothing shop Lyst asked top sneaker experts and shoe fetishists to compile the definitive list for its G.O.A.T. [greatest of all time] Sneakers exhibition in London, and this is the Top 10.

Old school casuals will be not at all surprised to find that bloody Adidas Stan Smiths top the chart. Swipe/press sideways to see the rest of the Top 10. 

1. The original classic, now far better known the tennis player it's named after

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The ultimate high-top

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Slacker's favourite

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Red, Bred and simply bad-ass

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Er… We don't remember this at all. Proper old school, though…

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The student/ageing hipster's, primary-coloured, suede pal

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Original Air bad boy, still looks futuristic

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Looks cool, more comfortable than the very similar Puma Suede

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Argh! My eyes! Another super-techy Nike favourite, still going strong

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Polystyrene-soled runner's shoe. No idea what it's doing in this list, but still… great shoe

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Both the Top 10 and the full Top 25 are unsurprisingly dominated by Nike (9 entries in the 25) and Adidas (8). 

Some of the inclusions seem a little tokenistic – Asics Gel Lyte 3 and Reebok Workout Lo, seriously? – and there is less skate influence than is strictly sane, with one pair of Vans being the sole (ho ho) inclusion from that community. 

Also, we get that these are classics, but the non-inclusion of any comparatively modern trainers other than Adidas' frankly minging Ultraboosts seems odd. Where's Nike Free 5.0, eh?

Even so, it's overall a very solid list. We're sure any trainer bore worth his box-fresh Air Jordan 3 will be more than happy to pull it apart, re-order it, add their own favourites and debate it in Foot Patrol at the weekend.