T3 Quick Hit: Master the power of the rapids with Pyranha's Jed kayak

The oracle of coracles offers more control and dexterity in the water

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With the summer months finally upon us and, shock horror, actual nice weather, maybe it's time to head to the water and try something a little more XXXtreme, bro. 

Like for instance, with Pyranha's new and improved Jed.

The Jed kayak offers a far longer design than most its competitors, which allows for a more fluid distribution of volume, with comparatively slicey ends for easier trick initiation. 

That bit of extra length also makes the Jed faster on a wave and smoother on end in a hole. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you're hoping to push your kayaking skills to the max, this is the way to do it.

A unique 'V-Chine' in the hull at the stern frees up the back end for spins and edge transitions while surfing, and also adds to the dynamic speed on a wave. Smooth transition of volume to the core of the boat produces some incredible pop in a hole and the deceptively smooth lines over all give an obscenely fast and aggressive ride on any wave. 

The Jed has already proved to be a really popular model in the kayaking community, with everyone from pro freestylers to total newbies swearing by its unique design. And with a full progressive rocker (for a really fast, loose hull), overthruster (for maximum pop on aerial moves) and a seat with three-way adjustment, the Pyranha Jed is a must-have for those who prefer less komfortable kayaking.

Pyranha Jed is available from Go Kayaking for £629.10.