Prime Day board game deals! Save up to 63% off Monopoly, Jenga and more – ENDS TODAY!

Guess Who, Cluedo, Risk and special edition Frozen and LOL Surprise games are included too

Prime Day board game deals
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Tempted to load up on the board games ready for colder, darker days – or as perfect Christmas presents? Among the best Prime Day deals today are great offers on some of the most famous games, including lots of Monopoly editions, plus classics including Jenga, Cluedo, Guess Who and more.

The deals are split across two sections, so if you want to see the full selection, check out both of these links, or we'll link to a few specific options we think are worth a look below:

Save up to 63% on Hasbro games, including Monopoly, Jenga and more at Amazon UK
Save up to 58% on Monopoly games at Amazon UK

The various offers include more different versions of Monopoly than you can imagine, but including some wildly popular names, including LOL Surprise, Trolls, Frozen II and Mario Kart.

There's also a Downton Abbey version of Cluedo, and a Marvelous Mrs Maisel version of Game of Life, which certainly has the potential to offer a pretty different approach to the flow of life than the original game if it all follows the TV show…

Our pick would be Jenga, which is a very tempting price here. It makes a great family game with the kids, or a great drinking game for adults. Have you ever tried listening the Joker-themed tracks from The Dark Knight's soundtrack while playing Jenga? Well, you should.

And if you want more variety in your tabletop gaming options, don't forget we've got our picks of the best board games, best board games for two playersbest cheap board gamesbest board games for kids, and the best new board games.

Save up to 63% on Hasbro board games at Amazon UK
That includes Monopoly classic as well as other editions, Jenga, Guess Who, Cluedo, Risk and a bunch of other options… all now extremely cheap!View Deal

Save up to 58% on on Monopoly games
Browse the (wide!) range of Monopoly versions, with big money off lots of really popular versions, including the smash hit Cheaters Edition, LOL Surprise Edition, Mario Kart Edition, Game of Thrones Edition and more.View Deal

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