These sneakers are 3D-printed, machine washable, and made from recycled bottles

Oliver Cabell's Phoenix sneakers are the footwear of the future

Oliver Cabell Phoenix sneakers
(Image credit: Oliver Cabell)

Oliver Cabell has just launched Phoenix, a 3D printed sneaker made of recycled bottles, to tackle the growing plastic waste problem. 

The Phoenix comes after two years of research and development, “Our mission has always been fairly simple,” Scott Gabrielson, founder of Oliver Cabell, explains. “To marry the finest design, materials, and process with the latest technology, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. We feel that the Phoenix is the culmination of what we’ve been striving for since we launched.” 

According to Oliver Cabell, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year, with only 9-percent of it ever being recycled. It's important to remember that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today. Once it’s made, it stays on the planet forever. That's why it's incredibly we need to stop creating plastic, and instead use what’s already here. 

The process used to create the Phoenix sneakers starts with around seven recycled bottles that are sterilised, washed, and cut into flakes that are spun into a fibre. 

That single piece of fused yarn then goes into a 3D knitting machine, which prints the material to the seamless upper, with no cutting or stitching.

The process results in 80-percent less waste and a more comfortable design.

It also allows for the shoes to be completely machine washable.

“While we wanted sustainability to be at the heart of the Phoenix, we knew none of it mattered if the shoes weren’t incredibly lightweight and comfortable. We couldn’t have it feel like you were wearing plastic.” Scott explains 

“It took 48 samples to get it right. We needed to find the perfect balance of softness, stretch, and structure. The shoes are designed to be worn sockless, and includes an antibacterial lining that is moisture wicking and silky-soft.”

Oliver Cabell was founded in 2016 in Minneapolis. It's a unique luxury brand which aims to deliver handcrafted goods at fair prices with complete transparency, revealing everything from the materials to the cost to make

The brand releases new styles each week.

The Phoenix is currently available in two colorways, black and white. The shoes are priced at $95 (with affordable shipping to the UK and US).

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