LG FH4G1BCS2: is this the best washing machine ever?

Which? certainly thinks so, thanks to faster, more powerful washes that take less time, low noise and app control

LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine

The LG FH4G1BCS2 might just look like a washing machine, but look again: it’s actually the best washing machine ever. Or, at least, the washing machine with the highest ever review score from the notoriously prickly worry-pots at Which? magazine. Why has Which decided What the best washing machine is? LG has reached out to us to suggest some reasons.

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First up, there’s TrueSteam technology, which is going to be a boon for anyone suffering from allergies. The system offers Allergy Care, Steam Softener and Steam Refresh programs thanks to it’s considerable talent for managing hot water vapour. As such it’s been awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

If you think that there’s not much more that can be done to make washing machines interesting then think again. LG has packed a pile of new tech innovations into its 2019 washing machine line-up.

Case in point is the FH4G1BCS2 washing machine, which comes with a handful of new features that set it apart from other bland white metal boxes out there. Many of these, you’ll be glad to hear, can be set via an accompanying smartphone app too.


The LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine boasts a sizeable 12kg drum that benefits from super smooth direct drive operation

Next up, there’s TurboWash, which delivers a chunky power boost to wash times. In fact, LG reckons the time of a regular wash cycle program has now been trimmed down to a slick and stress-relieving 49 minutes. LG says that the speedy cycle will help reduce water and energy usage by up to 17%. That’s pretty handy if you endlessly tire of waiting for your washing to be ready.

Elsewhere, there’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology. What this does is to move the sizeable 12kg wash drum in multiple directions, which sounds like some kind of high-speed suds shuffle and hints at gimmick. However, LG claims that it really does allow your clothes to enjoy a deep cleansing workout, while also avoiding them becoming creased and crumpled. We can’t wait to try this out.

We're loving the way the LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine lets you add in any garments you might have forgotten mid-cycle

Performance from the FH4G1BCS2 is certainly impressive thanks to a pair of beefy Inverter Direct Drive motors. The good thing about direct drive is that there is less in the way of moving parts, so you get a machine that’s quieter, vibrates less and should last that bit longer too. LG claims the direct drive units are much more energy efficient too and we’ve seen evidence of that on other machines that have gone down the same route.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for us forgetful types, there’s the Pause & Add Item feature. This is exactly that. If gives you the capacity to press the Pause button, stop a cycle and then throw in that random sock you missed when you were loading the machine. You can even bung in bigger stuff too, like cardies or jackets. It’s not a particularly high-tech feature of the FH4G1BCS2, but it is damn handy.

Features and functions of the LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine can also be controlled via an accompanying app

And it’s not just T3 that has been impressed by the new range. Which? Magazine has been so impressed with the appliance that it’s dubbed it ‘the best washing machine ever tested’. Indeed, the LG FH4G1BCS2 has secured the magazine’s highest ever Washing Machine test score with an impressive 89%. Gosh, 89%... imagine what a 💯 % one would be like.

• Buy LG FH4G1BCS2 from John Lewis with 2-year warranty for £1,099