Levi’s Wellthread is the brand's most sustainable collection yet

The clothing is produced with less water, fewer chemicals, 100% recyclable and fair labour

Levi’s Wellthread is its most sustainable collection yet
(Image credit: Levi's)

Levi’s has announced its new Wellthread collection, which it says includes its most sustainably designed clothing yet.

The collection is produced using less water, fewer chemicals and fair labour, and is 100% recyclable, Levi’s says.

For spring/summer 2020, the collection is made up of men’s t-shirts, hoodies, trucker jackets and 502 jeans plus, in a first for the Wellthread range, hoodies, t-shirts and ribcage wide-leg trousers for women.

In a bid to reduce its use of water and chemicals, Levi’s makes the Wellthread garments from cottonised hemp, which comes from rain-fed hemp crops and is grown using fewer pesticides than cotton. Because it requires less intervention while growing, hemp also promotes cleaner soil, Levi’s says.

(Image credit: Levi's)

To remove the usual rough texture of hump, Levi’s Wellthread garments are made in a way that softens the fibre, while using very little water, to make it look and feel “almost distinguishable” from cotton.

Levi’s also claims the collection is finished with ‘Water<Less’, a technique that is claimed to save more than 96-percent of the water normally used in the finishing process of garment manufacturing.

With regard to worker well-being, Levi’s says it partners with its suppliers and local organisations to “implement programs focused on financial empowerment, health, family well-being, equality and acceptance.”

Levi's Wellthread products are available in selected stores and online now.

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