Jack Wolfskin launches sustainable Ecoloader backpack range padding made from... algae?

Help clean the enviroment and get a snazzy (and comfy) day sack at the same time

Jack Wolfskin Ecoloader backpacks
(Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

Jack Wolfskin has launched a new line of backpacks with a difference: the Ecoloader range is the first in the world to be made with algae form padding. The Outdoor specialist partnered with a company called Bloom, which specialises in taking harmful algae and turning it into high-dampening foam, thus killing two birds with one stone by cleaning our natural environment and providing us with comfy, eco-friendly backpacks at the same time.

'Bloomfoam', which is used in the back and straps of the Ecoloader range, is an especially sustainable renewable resource. The collection process removes harmful algae blooms and purifies water to drinking standard at the same time. And the end result is perfect for padding, being naturally dampening and cushioning. 

It's not all about the algae though – in fact, all of the materials used in the Ecoloader range make an active contribution to protecting our ecosystem. The synthetic elements are 100% recycled. That's the fabrics, zips, webbing... even the sewing thread.

There are two packs in the range: a 24l day pack that would sit happily amongst the best day sacks, and a nifty 12l sling that's more suited to urban exploring. The 24l rucksack features a clever 4-way zip enables you to easily access entire front and cover, from both sides and from two positions. There's also a large slide-in pouch in the back where you can stash your wallet, smartphone or keys, and an integrated rain cover for when the heavens open. 

The Ecoloader 24 is available to buy now, with an RRP of £90. 

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