The T3 Award 2022 for Best Golf Brand: here's the winner and all the nominees

Teeing off a new category for 2022

Best golf balls and drivers
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So the judges have pondered, the decision has been made: TaylorMade and Garmin are the winners of our first ever golf category gongs at the T3 Awards 2022. 

Golf is a good walk spoiled, as someone famously once said. It's also a hobby – nay, an obsession – for millions of otherwise normal people, and a bandwagon that T3 has long wanted to be on. Or perhaps golf cart would be more appropriate than bandwagon. Over the past year or so we've been building up our golf coverage, and we now have guides to everything from the best putter to the best golf shoes, and practically everything in between. 

To celebrate, this year we've handed out some T3 Awards for golfing products and brands. The inaugural categories are Best Golf Tech and Best Golf Brand. The nominees for the gadget gong include the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and the unstoppable Garmin Approach S62 golf watch, and it was Garmin's wearable 'par excellence' that came to the 'fore' – good puns, right? – and picked up that title.

But what of the best Golf Brand prize? Here we celebrate our first ever winners, and all our other golfing heroes of 2022…

The winner: TaylorMade

TaylorMade Stealth HD driver

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TaylorMade continue to set the standards as the best all-around golf brand. Some brands specialise in irons or wedges, others claim to make the best putters, while some hang their hat on producing the best golf balls. TaylorMade do it all, which is why you will find many of the top golfers on the planet using TaylorMade gear.

In the various individual categories, there is usually very little to choose between the leading golf brands as they make high-quality products, but in terms of sheer consistent performance across every product, in our eyes, TaylorMade have led the way this year.

TaylorMade claims that its Stealth drivers are the #1 club worldwide, and we can't really argue with that, since the Stealth HD is sitting pretty on top of our guide to the best drivers

All things considered, then, we're incredibly happy to announce that TaylorMade is the first ever winner of Best Golf Brand at the T3 Awards 2022. 

The plucky runners-up

Stewart Golf

Stewart Golf Follow

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While Motocaddy – also nominated for this Award – and Powacaddy dominate the golf trolley market, don’t sleep on Stewart Golf. They offer some of the best motorised, remote control trolleys out there. The Q Follow and X10 Follow golf trolleys are the peak of golfing luxury and the epitome of cool. A trolley that you can control via remote or by simply attaching the remote to your belt and have it follow you wherever you go, just like having your own caddy. 

The ‘Follow’ range of trolleys are programmed to stay a certain distance away from the remote so when you stop, the trolley stops. When you go, it follows. You can also switch and just use it remotely, so when you reach the green you can just grab your putter and then send the trolley over to the next tee.

Stewart Golf also offer the more traditional remote trolley and there is also a standard push trolley option. All trolleys easily fold down to a compact size to fit comfortably in any car and every Stewart Golf trolley is hand made at their UK Headquarters. If you’re looking for the best golf bag then some of the cart bags on offer from Stewart Golf are well worth a look.

Original Penguin


(Image credit: Original Penguin)

The golf apparel market is fiercely competitive and golfers have a wide selection of brands to choose from. Original Penguin isn't solely a golf brand but golf is certainly one of its best selling areas. You may have seen their stuff without even realising it, as leading PGA Tour player Cameron Smith is one of their ambassadors and has his own range of clothing which he wears in competition.

From polos and shorts to keep you feeling and looking cool in the warmer weather, to jumpers and trousers when the temperature drops, Original Penguin have golf attire for every occasion. Their leisure wear is also worth checking out. Original Penguin clothing is high quality but the price isn’t excessive as with many designer labels. Original Penguin fits nicely in the middle and has something for golfers of all budgets.


Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor

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Garmin isn't only a golf brand, of course, but its Approach range of smartwatches, launch monitors and more out-muscles all the competition from more specialist golf-tech brands. Their R10 launch monitor is absolutely stunning, while the S62 remains the best golf watch you can buy. Even better, Garmin maintains a range of less pricey golf watches that have almost all the functionality of their range-topper, albeit with less style and monochrome screens as you go down the price scale. There's an Approach for everyone!

OnCore Golf

oncore elixr

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Known for their award winning, direct-to-consumer golf balls, OnCore Golf continue to go from strength to strength. The Buffalo based company was founded in 2011 and have been at the forefront of golf ball technology and development ever since.

OnCore Golf offer three different balls with something for golfers of all skill levels at competitive prices. The AVANT 55 is a 2-piece low compression ball which is ideal for high handicap golfers and beginners. 

The ELIXR was launched in 2017 and two years later Gary Player became an OnCore ambassador and played the ELIXR at the Masters. This year the ELIXR has been enhanced with a new polybutadience core for higher ball speed and increased carry and roll.

The VERO X1 is the newest offering from OnCore Golf and at $39.99 per dozen is the most expensive. Aimed at the more accomplished golfer, this is a four piece tour ball featuring enhanced perimeter-weighting which results in the highest allowable velocity off the club face and increased distance. 

In addition to great value, top performing balls, OnCore also offer stylish golf bags and various accessories at affordable prices. 



(Image credit: PXG golf clubs)

Once known for their premium quality, super premium priced gear, Parsons Xtreme Golf have undergone something of a rebranding this past year or two and here at T3, we’re loving it. 

There’s little difference in quality between PXG and all the better-known golf brands, but there has always been a big difference in price. PXG’s niche has been charging more than everyone else so that their product is seen as more high end and exclusive. It’s a status thing more than anything else. Like wearing a Rolex or driving a Ferrari.

PXG still offer that overpriced luxury option but they have changed their approach and now offer some of the best value for money clubs out there. The PXG 0211 range of irons, fairway woods are fantastic value as you’re getting a high end product for a mid-range price, and the 0211 stacks up well with the best drivers out there.

Whether PXG continue with this approach remains to be seen, but making golf more affordable is a good thing that deserves recognition.

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