How to get a six pack… on your LEGS. SIXPAD Foot Fit EMS trainer tones calves and thighs while you SIT

SIXPAD Foot Fit promises lower body muscle activation without doing squats using tech similar to an abs belt

SIXPAD Foot Fit price release date
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Ever wanted to get big legs without moving your, er, legs? Great news for you: Cristiano Ronaldo-endorsed abs-belt maker SIXPAD just announced its newest product, the SIXPAD Foot Fit. It's an abs belt-style trainer that targets feet, calves and 'lower body' through SIXPAD's patented electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. 

• Buy the SIXPAD Foot Fit for £350 directly from SIXPAD

While EMS trainers usually promise muscle toning results that enhance those attained by working out, this one seems to be aimed more at people who want to get fit and toned in the leg area, literally without getting off the sofa. However, realistically, you are not going to see optimal results unless you also workout, run and/or cycle. 

Since it is a truism that you can't really get strong without having strong legs – and also that people with big torsos and spindly legs look bloody weird – the Foot Fit could be big news… if its claims prove to hold water.

How does Sixpad Foot Fit claim to work?

SIXPAD Foot Fit EMS trainer

SIXPAD Foot Fit: get them calves fit

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The Foot Fit's EMS tech operates at a 20 Hz frequency and generates electrical currents over the course of an automated 23-minute program cycle for 'maximum efficiency', as SIXPAD puts it. The currents travel through both feet when placed on the device, passing from the calf and tibialis anterior muscles, up to the thighs, stimulating the muscle tissues in the process.

The SIXPAD Foot Fit has 20 customisable intensity levels with the ability to control and navigate through these using either adjustable foot controls or your phone (via Bluetooth), a carry handle and child safety lock among other features.

Does SIXPAD Foot Fit give you big legs?

To prove the effectiveness of its claims, SIXPAD had the Foot Fit tested by an independent research agency. This research yielded promising results: calf muscle strength and thigh muscle strength – specifically the rectus femoris; everyone's favourite –  were found to be improved by 76% and 29% respectively after eight weeks using the SIXPAD Foot Fit once a day, and 65% and 21% improvements noted after just four weeks. 

The research also yielded improvements of 12% in both calf muscle hypertrophy and toe strength. So that seems to suggest that it will give you bigger calves and stronger, erm, toes.

No benefit was noted in the hamstrings, interestingly, so you'll just have to keep doing squats.

It should be noted here that all the test subjects were people (aged 40-69) who 'regularly exercise'. We very much doubt you'd see results anything like the above just by using Foot Fit on its own. Sorry, couch potatoes. 

SIXPAD Foot Fit EMS trainer

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SIXPAD Foot Fit EMS trainer: price, release date, availability

The SIXPAD Foot Fit EMS trainer is available now at SIXPAD. The recommended retail price of the SIXPAD Foot Fit is £350.

There is no information on availability outside Europe as of yet.

• Buy the SIXPAD Foot Fit for £350 directly from SIXPAD

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