The best camping chairs 2018: outdoor adventures in comfort

Set up camp and get comfy with our picks of the best foldable chairs for your next camping trip

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Whether you’re off on your annual family camping trip or headed to a festival, a good camping chair in an essential piece of kit you need to have with you come rain or shine. 

Whatever your budget, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best camping chairs for your next weekend away.

How to choose the best camping chair

When it comes to picking a chair, if you’re using it for a one-off trip, you may just want to find the cheapest option, as with muddy festivals, it’s quite likely it’s going to get trashed or you just won’t have the energy to take it home with you. 

But, if you’re planning three or more camping events over the summer, or you go camping every year, then you may want to splash a bit more cash on something more substantial that will stand the test of time – even when the weather isn’t on your side. 

When picking the best camping chair for you, the 3 main features to look out for are comfort, support and portability. 

Make sure you pick a chair that is appropriate for your height and build, if you are petite then the smaller camping chairs with lower back would be ideal. But, if you are taller or larger than average, opting for a camping chair with a higher back and wider seat are the only sure fire ways to guarantee a comfy rest time - yes this means your camping chair is less likely to pack down small but it's up to you to decide whether space or comfort is more important. 

If you are likely to be taking your camping chair backpacking or trekking, the options become a little more limited,  but, as with sleeping bags and roll mats, you always have the option of attaching a compact camping chair or trekking stool to the outside of your rucksack, just be sure to pick something lightweight.

Finally, design and functionality are of course strong influences when picking the best camping chairs for your trip too. Keep your eyes peeled for camping chairs with drinks holders if you plan on cracking a bottle of beer open on your trip and if design is important to you, there are plenty of camping chairs that come with quirky designs, colours and patterns. There are even camping chairs with built in footrests to elevate those tired feet at the end of a long day exploring.

These are the best camping chairs

1. Eurohike Langdale Deluxe Folding Chair

A supportive chair for long hiking trips

Best for: Back support
Colour: Navy or Green
Weight: 3.9kg
Max Loading Weight: 110kg
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Tall back+Padded 
Reasons to avoid
-More for the serious hiker 

If you often go on hiking trips, then you’ll want to invest in a good chair that supports your back so that you get the best rest possible when taking the weight off your feet. This chair has a taller back than most, and its padding is designed to help ease the pressure on your back when you stop to take a seat. In spite of its well-considered design and durable fabric construction, it’s not ridiculously expensive which means you can add a touch of luxury respite to your weekend camping trip without the hefty price tag. This high back caming chair also comes with a drinks holder so you can sit back and enjoy that ice cold beer you definitely deserve.

2. Eurohike Deluxe Moon Chair

Another Eurohike with a more relaxed design

Best for: Comfort
Colour: Grey or Red
Weight: 4.2kg
Max Loading Weight: 100kg
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Low reclining back+Easy to fold
Reasons to avoid
- Difficult to get in bag 

This Eurohike chair comes in a slightly different shape to the Langdale in our top spot, and it is designed with comfort in mind. The padded, moon seat shape means it has a slightly reclining back which users rate as being very comfortable cosy for sinking into. This is a great camping chair for anyone who like to slouch in comfort after a days exploring, but when it’s time to put it away, most reviewers reckon you’ll need an extra pair of hands! 

3. Eurohike Family Picnic Table

More than just a chair

Best for: Family camping trips
Colour: Silver
Weight: 12.5kg
Max Loading Weight: up to 6 people
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Multiple seats+Easy to store
Reasons to avoid
-Very large

Camping with the family can be an expensive affair and the thought of purchasing a comfortable camping chair for every family member will not only set you back a fair bit but is also pretty much guaranteed to take up the whole of the boot! Enter the Eurohike family picnic table. Seating up to 6 people, this dining table and camping chair set packs down into a carry case for easy transporting.  The two stools and 2 camping benches double up as seating around the campfire when the dining table is not in use. No, they are not likely to provide the best comfort, but for a handy compact camping chair set, it's the ideal family purchase.

4. Eurohike Peak Folding Twin Chair

A double-seater so there is less to carry to the camp site

Best for: Couples
Colour: Black
Weight: 5.6kg
Max Loading Weight: 220kg
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Space saver+Cup holders
Reasons to avoid
-Not much personal space

If you really like the person you’re camping with, then this chair has its benefits. This double camping chair folds down small, saving you space and preventing you having extra things to carry on your next camping trip. It also has a drinks holder on each side so you can enjoy a nice cold bevvie together, and for the most part it’s rather comfortable, according to user reviews. Ideal for couples and families, this is a great space saver option.

5. Vango Kraken 2 Oversized Chair

Enjoy your own space in this large and comfy camping chair

Best for: Extra room
Colour: Excalibur or Nutmeg
Weight: 4.8kg
Max Loading Weight: 180kg
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Larger than average+Padded
Reasons to avoid

This is a pricey camping chair, so if it’s just a one off trip, you may want to opt for something cheaper, but if you’re a big fan of comfort, then this is the ideal camping chair for you. It has a much wider seat, meaning you can really get comfy in this portable chair rather than feeling like you’re trapped between the arm rests, and also boasts a padded back rest for extra support and even more comfort. If you are looking for a wider camping chair with sturdy support, this is the ideal pick from out list. 

6. Grand Canyon Giga – Folding camping chair with footrest

A luxury camping chair for when you need to put your feet up

Best for: Luxury camping
Colour: Grey
Weight: 4.34kg
Max Loading Weight: 100kg
Carry bag: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Includes footrest+Easy to assemble 
Reasons to avoid

A camping chair with a built-in footrest, annnnnd relax! This luxury camping chair is the pick of the bunch when it comes to added extras; boasting a footrest, padded headrest and accessories pouch to boot, this really is the daddy of the camping chairs. These bonus features do come at a cost however, as it is a little on the large side, it can be tricky to fold away making it troublesome for the older generation. Having said that, users report that it’s relatively easy to assemble and extremely comfy once you’ve managed to get in it. A luxury pick for the space rich.

7. Regatta Isla Chair

A lightweight, budget pick

Best for: Festivals
Colour: Purple
Weight: 2kg
Max Loading Weight: 100kg
Carry bag: yes
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Cheap and cheerful
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most comfy

This is the chair you need if you’re headed to a festival or indeed are just in need of a good budget camping chair. It’s cheap and lightweight, has a funky pattern, and should serve you well in terms of comfort if you intend to use it little and often. The seat of this folding camping chair is not padded, so you won't necessarily sink into this one, but for taking the weight off after a day of walking, its' perfectly sufficient.

8. Eurohike Kids Tiger Chair

One for the kids

Best for: Kids
Colour: Orange
Weight: 1.2kg
Max Loading Weight: 56kg
Carry bag: yes
Reasons to buy
+Fun design+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
-Not the comfiest 

If you are looking for a camping chair for toddlers or young children, this tiger chair from Eurohike is a great value pick. Also available in a crocodile design, this colourful camping chair for kids packs down into a small carry case making it easy for little ones to carry their own chair to and from the campsite. Although it boasts no frills, the novelty of this character chair is, importantly, wipe clean and weighs only 1.2kg, meaning you could attach this chair to your rucksack on family days out for when the kids need a rest.

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