Cheap SUP deal sees ITIWIT X100 paddle boards drop to £199.99 at Decathlon

Get the ITIWIT X100 10ft & 11ft paddle boards for just £199.99 at Decathlon

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The UK heatwave is officially here and the temperatures have skyrocketed! While we’re all encouraged to stay inside and keep cool during this heatwave, hitting the water is a great way to cool down and we’ve found some amazing SUP deals to take advantage of for the summer.

At Decathlon, the popular ITIWIT X100 10ft Stand Up Paddle Board has been given a 33% discount, taking it down to just £199.99 in time for the hot weather.

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Originally priced at £299.99, the ITIWIT X100 10ft Stand Up Paddle Board has had £100 taken off its price. At T3, we’re big fans of this SUP and it’s made the list for the best paddle boards (opens in new tab) and the best inflatable paddle boards (opens in new tab).

If you’re new to paddle boarding, this SUP from Decathlon is a great choice for beginners. In our Decathlon X100 10ft inflatable SUP review (opens in new tab), we loved how easy it was to inflate and use, and enjoyed its grip, stability and speed. We also commented that it’s incredibly budget friendly, so this £100 price cut makes this popular SUP even more affordable.

This SUP deal is included in the Decathlon sale which currently has up to 50% off all indoor and outdoor sports and activities. If you’re planning an outdoor trip or holiday this year, you can find amazing deals on paddle boards, kayaks, camping equipment, e-bikes and more from the Decathlon sale right now.

To shop the ITIWIT X100 10ft Stand Up Paddle Board deal, click the link above or keep reading for more SUP deals. P.S. If you can’t get to the water during the heatwave, we’ve also rounded up the best fan and air conditioner deals (opens in new tab) to keep you cool inside during the scorching temperatures.

ITIWIT X100 10ft Inflatable Touring Stand Up Paddle Board: was £299.99, now £199.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)

ITIWIT X100 10ft Inflatable Touring Stand Up Paddle Board: was £299.99, now £199.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)
Get into the water and out of the heatwave with £100 off the ITIWIT X100 10ft SUP in the Decathlon sale. This SUP is easy to use, inflate and carry, and is a popular choice for beginners weighing between 60 - 80kg. It’s ideal for surfing and cruising small waves and comes in a pretty turquoise green colour.

In the Decathlon sale, you can find tons of deals on equipment and accessories for outdoor activities, including watersports, camping, hiking, cycling and more. If you’re looking for a slightly bigger stand up paddle board or you want something with more capacity, the 11ft version of the ITIWIT X100 SUP is also on sale at Decathlon.

Not only is the 10ft version of the ITIWIT SUP for sale at Decathlon, but the ITIWIT X100 11ft SUP has also been marked down to the same low price of £199.99. The ITIWIT X100 11ft SUP is similar to the 10ft model but is longer, sturdier and can take more weight.

ITIWIT X100 11ft Inflatable Touring Stand Up Paddle Board: was £349.99, now £199.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)

ITIWIT X100 11ft Inflatable Touring Stand Up Paddle Board: was £349.99, now £199.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)
Save £150 (42%) on the ITIWIT X100 11ft SUP for the summer. This paddle board is suitable for 1-2 people with a maximum load of 320kg. It’s extremely wide and thick for maximum stability, grip and support, and is constructed out of high quality robust materials. Available in a deep petrol blue colour.

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