Cheap NutriBullet deals with up to 25% off are fruity early Black Friday bargains

Save on NutriBullet two blenders AND accessories

Nutribullet Amazon Black Friday deal
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If you're looking for a cheap Nutribullet – and/or Nutribullet accessories – there's no need to wait for the Black Friday deals. Amazon has up to 16% off Nutribullet blenders and up to 25% off accessories today. So why wait? Go on, you know you want to.

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Want to do a bit of research before you make the purchase? Better have a look at our best NutriBullet guide as well as the one about best blenders, seeing as how Nutribullet is a type of blender. 

It is in fact, probably the world's most popular blender, thanks to its affordable price, good build quality, impressive cyclonic blade system – a vortex of sucking-and-blending action – and absolutely ferocious marketing. These cheap Nutribullets would also make great Christmas gifts. Oh, and , if you prefer coffees to smoothies, there are also some great Nespresso deals at Amazon today.

NutriBullet Balance 9 Piece Set £128 | Was £150 | You save £22 (15%) at Amazon
The NutriBullet Balance power output is 1,200 Watts, enough oomph to pulverise all manners of fruit and veg into a fine, drinkable, nutritious pulp. This smart blender has a built-in scale and connects via Bluetooth to the NutriBullet App where you can check and follow recipes: no need to measure ingredients separately on a kitchen scale! In the app, you can also track calories and macronutrients. The lip rings, flip-top lids and cups are all dishwasher safe too. This Nutribullet was £10 cheaper during the recent Prime Day deals, but you already missed that.View Deal

NutriBullet 900W blender £67 | Was £80 | You save £13 (16%) at Amazon
A less powerful blender with fewer accessories, this updated version of the original Nutribullet is still a highly effective soup, shake and smoothie maker. It comes in an acceptably attractive champagne finish, with a mixing jug and the classic Nutribullet smoothie cup. Nutribullet says the motor 'generates 50% more power than previous models,' and who are we to argue? View Deal

NutriBullet accessories up to 25% off at Amazon
Last but not least, Amazon has 15% off spare blade and smoothie cups in grey as well as a big 25% off a Blast Off Accessory Cool Bag. Suitable for both Tall (680ml) and Short (511ml) NutriBullet cups, this is quite literally a cool bag, keeping your smoothies icier for longer. 

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Why you should buy a Nutribullet Balance

The Nutribullet Balance is a fantastic appliance that's been designed to help you eat and drink healthier, get in shape and stay that way. Actually, even if you're not fussed about its healthy eating and drinking appeal, having a Nutribullet around the house is great if you simply enjoy quality drinks such as smoothies and shakes.

• Buy the NutriBullet Balance 9 Piece with Smart Nutrition Sensor and Bluetooth Technology at Amazon

Nutribullet has, unsurprisingly become the go-to gadget for people wanting perfectly blended drinks. This great-looking bit of kit features a black and stainless steel design that's wonderfully easy to use. It's powerful too though, with an awesome 1200W motor base that goes right on up to 25,000rpm. That's FAST! 

This particular Nutribullet is especially great value as it features smart sensor technology. That means it can accurately weigh each of your ingredients and marks up the nutritional value, all in real-time. There are built-in scales and you can use it in tandem with the app to create blends to suit your nutritional requirements and taste. Keep tabs on fat content, carbs and more besides. Then blend it all with that blinding 1200W motor. Most of it'll go in your dishwasher too.

If you don't need quite so many features crammed into your blender, the 900W option at £68 is just as good for lovers of fruit smoothies. It might struggle to pulp tougher veg such as kale and wheat grass, but then why the hell would you want to drink that? Anyway, Nutribullet insists that, 'The extractor blades and cyclonic action bursts open seeds, cracks through stems, and shreds tough skins to get the most out of your fruit and vegetables.' So there.

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