New Adidas ZG21 spiked golf shoes provide lightweight comfort and stability during swings

The Adidas ZG21 is a result of two years of research and combines the responsive Lightstrike technology with Boost cushioning

Adidas ZG21 price release date
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You must appreciate Adidas' optimistic approach to golf: their new ZG21 golf shoe has been unveiled with much fanfare, even though in countries such as the UK, people can't even play golf at the moment due to lockdown. Still, that doesn't mean we will never be able to play again and when people do return to the golf courses, they will need comfortable shoes. And the new Adidas ZG21 spiked golf shoes are comfortable for sure.

According to Adidas, the ZG21 is its lightest spiked footwear model to feature Boost cushioning: the same Boost cushioning used in many of the German brand's top running shoes models, like the new Adidas Ultraboost 21. The ZG21 is also 20 percent lighter than comparable spiked models previously in Adidas' range and significantly lighter than many competitor models – or so does Adidas claim.

Adidas ZG21 price release date

(Image credit: adidas)

Adidas ZG21: price and release date

All ZG21 models, including the men’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a simplified laced offering for junior golfers, will be available exclusively at adidas, the Adidas app and select retail partners worldwide from 25 January 2021.

The recommended retail price of the laced version of the shoes is £150/$180 while the BOA version retails for £160/$200.

AUS prices TBC.

Adidas ZG21: main features

As well as looking pretty sleek for golf shoes, the Adidas ZG21 also feature a plethora of innovative technology, including the aforementioned Boost midsole. According to Adidas, the ZG21 is a result of "two years [of design work], multiple prototypes, configurations, and infusing [Adidas'] latest technologies".

Probably the biggest innovation to be included in the shoes is the Lightstrike midsole: this cushioning is 40 percent lighter than any EVA foam in the market (right now) while also providing shock absorption and quick recovery. As Adidas says, "When coupled with our BOOST cushioning, Lightstrike gives players lightweight comfort and stability with every swing and step".

The Sprintskin upper is a waterproof four-layer construction that combines 'innovative' textiles and polyurethane films for better performance on the green. There is also a new lightweight and durable TPU insert in the lateral sidewall that offers increased stability and a 'locked-in feel' throughout the swing motion. The new ZG21 outsole features an ultra-thin TPU construction, six 'strategically placed' cleats, and a new 'crescent moon-shaped' secondary lug to optimize grip.

Adidas ZG21 price release date

(Image credit: adidas)

As mentioned above, the Adidas ZG21 comes in four models: men’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a simplified laced offering for junior golfers.

The two BOA models feature the new ‘Y’-strap BOA Fit System: this configuration wraps around the foot, creating a secure fit over the instep and provides flexibility and a bit more wriggle-room in the toe box for more comfort.

The men’s ZG21 BOA is also the first golf shoe on the market to feature Li2 – a low-profile dial platform that "modulates tension when and where needed with enhanced speed and effortless execution."

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