This 40mph electric jetboard is a surfboard, diving jet and hydrofoil in one

Shapeshifting mo-jet is a watersports game-changer

Man diving using Mo-jet
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This transformer-style jetboard has snap-on modules for surf, dive, and even 

This electric powerboard has snap-on modules for surfing, diving, and even a hydrofoil attachment

This shapeshifting powerboard is the coolest new watersports invention I've seen

This transformer-style electric powerboard is a surfboard, diving aid and hydrofoil all in one


Most watersports equipment is designed to do one thing and do it well, but one German startup has decided that specialisation is for sissies, and released the do-it-all mo-jet. This 'electric jetboard', comprises one main power unit, onto which different ends and attachments can be snapped, to turn let you take on all manner of jet-powered aquatic activities.

In its various configurations, the mo-jet can be used for jet-powered bodyboarding, surfing, and diving. There's a longer end that turns it into a multi-person rescue vehicle, and even a jetfoil attachment to let you explore the hottest watersports trend of the moment. (We'll get to pricing in a bit, but suffice to say this is for serious fans or professional use only – if you're a newbie, head to our best beginner surfboard or the best paddle board for beginner guides for non-electric, simpler options.) The modular format means there's scope for it to continue to develop for even more uses, too. 

Mo-jet and various attachments

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Let's take a closer look at the modules that make up this watersports beast. First up, the body module. This turns your jetboard into a compact, agile bodyboard that's perfect for kneeling on. You can use the body module to dive under the water, but if underwater exploring is your aim, you should probably deploy the dive module. Designed for deep dives or "gliding from reef to reef", the rider simply shifts their weight to control their depth.  

If you want something more relaxed, the 'surf air module', turns your jetboard into a jet-powered rubber dinghy, balancing propulsion with impressive stability that makes it ideal for beginners still getting their confidence on the water. Finally, the rescue module has an elongated body with eleven grips, which means it can be used to tow several people at once. It can reach speeds of up to 50km/h, and doesn't require a driving license to use. 

The mo-jet also has an adapter that'll turn your jetboard into an e-foil – this is a bit like surfing, but if your surfboard was suspended in mid-air, several inches above the water. What's interesting about this version of the jet-foil is that it doesn't include any electronics or a propeller, which means it's safer if you do fall off. 

Self-cooling, fast-charge battery

Surfer Calle Höltig was involved in developing and testing the system. "The modular approach offers endless possibilities for riding fun," he says. "One moment it’s a bodyboard that lets you plunge through metre-high waves; the next, it’s an inflatable jetboard that the kids can tear through the water on."

The mo-jet is scheduled to go on sale in February this year. Its makers have also tackled some of what they think are the biggest issues with competitor products, specifically with regards to weight, speed and battery performance. 

Man bodyboarding using Mo-jet

(Image credit: Mo-jet)

For example, the battery charges super-quickly (it'll apparently juice up to 95% in 45 minutes, compared to ~2 hours), and is designed to cool as you're riding the board, which means you don't need to leave it for hours to cool down before recharging. This latter feature is also designed to extend the battery's life. To make it easier to carry about, the battery is also split into two sections of the board, to give a more even weight distribution. If you really want to put your foot down, you can glide across the waves at full power for around 20 minutes at speeds of more than 65 km/h. 

"With mo-jet we are creating the most varied and at the same time most high-performance water sports experience at an unbeatable price," says founder Benjamin Köhnsen. "It has never been so easy and so tempting to dive into the world of water vehicle playthings."

How much will this shape shifting beast set you back? Quite a lot. Prices start at 10,900 EUR.

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