Get a six pack the fun way with the SKLZ Core Wheels

Planks, reinvented

SKLZ Core Wheels ab roller
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If you ever tried doing a plank for more than a minute, you will soon realise how unfit your core muscles are. Training them regularly is paramount, even if it's for five minutes a day. There are numerous plank challenges online you can try that will take you up from having zero core muscles to at least having some.

As great as plank is, it is one of the single most boring exercise in the world. You literally have to hold your body in a stationary position for as long as possible. It is as much challenging as it is uninspiring.

Another, more engaging way to train your core is to use ab rollers. Ab rollers are one of the most deceiving gym equipment you can find and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They look super easy to use, yet they can be extremely challenging to master.

Ab rollers are probably the most fun way to train your core, a muscle group you will not only utilise in almost all your exercising efforts, but having a strong core will help you improve posture (and therefore reduce lower back pain) and will make you feel stronger, even without having a muscular build.

The SKLZ Core Wheels can introduce variety to your core training

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Why do we recommend the SKLZ Core Wheels ab roller?

The SKLZ Core Wheels can make an otherwise fun activity, like ab rollouts, even more fun. As opposed to just having one roller, the Core Wheels system consist of two little barbell shaped wheels that can be moved individually.

This can make even regular ab rollouts more challenging, but – to mix things up a bit – you can also do alternating rollouts (pushing just one roller forward) and side rollouts, concentrating on your lats.

Given the low price point, the SKLZ Core Wheels will provide you with an excellent return on investment for your money. There aren't many pieces of home gym equipment out there with similar stats. As versatile as the Bowlflex Selecttech modular dumbbells are, they also cost ten times more than the SKLZ wheels.

Of course, comparing ab rollers to dumbbells is like comparing apples to oranges. Yet again, spending only a few tenners on the SKLZ Core Wheels ab roller can provide you with many hours of fun exercising. And that is not something you want to miss out on.

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