Best touchscreen gloves 2023: use your smartphone in the cold

We've found the best touchscreen gloves with conductive fingertips for using your devices while staying toasty

Best touchscreen gloves: Person wearing Extremities Furnace Pro touchscreen gloves
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The best touchscreen gloves help you stay connected when you're out and about in the cold. Standard gloves don't work with touchscreen devices, but the best ones have conductive material woven into the fingertips, making it easy to use your phone or a hiking GPS or even go through your GoPro without exposing your fingers to the elements.

Before you buy, you'll need to think about how you plan to use your gloves; nearly all will be suitable for day-to-day use, but if you're planning on an outdoor expedition in the depths of winter, you'll probably need something more rugged. And it might be that you'll need to sacrifice touchscreen compatibility and aim for maximum warmth instead, in which case, see our guide to the best cold-weather gloves. We also have dedicated guides to the best hand warmers and best ski gloves for reference.

Just like with any other gloves, don't go for the chunkiest option if you're planning a big adventure with lots of walking or running; you'll soon warm up, start getting sweaty and lose the benefit of all that insulation (see our guide to running gloves for some specialised alternatives). Also, remember that most touchscreen gloves only have conductive fingers and thumbs, which is fine for basic tapping at your phone or smartwatch, but if you're thinking about typing on a tablet, you should look for gloves with 10 conductive digits. 

The best touchscreen gloves to buy now

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