Best touchscreen gloves 2024: stay warm and connected in any weather

Don't let the cold stop you from using your devices – the best touchscreen gloves have got you covered

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The best touchscreen gloves will keep your hands warm while you stay connected to the digital world during winter. No more fumbling with your phone or GPS while your fingers turn into icicles – these gloves are equipped with special conductive material in the fingertips, letting you swipe, tap, and scroll with ease, all without exposing your digits to the chilly air.

Before you dive into the world of touchscreen gloves, it's essential to consider your usage. Are you embarking on an Arctic expedition or just navigating the urban jungle? While most gloves are suitable for everyday use, if you're braving the elements in extreme conditions, opt for a rugged pair that prioritises warmth over touchscreen sensitivity. Check out our guide to the best cold-weather gloves for those frigid adventures.

But beware of the chunky glove trap! If you're planning an active outdoor excursion, bulky gloves might leave you sweating and uncomfortable. Opt for a more streamlined design that balances warmth with breathability – after all, there's nothing worse than soggy gloves on a winter hike. Prefer not to wear gloves at all? No problem? We have a handy guide to the best hand warmers, too.

When choosing your perfect pair of touchscreen gloves, keep an eye out for full-hand conductivity. While most gloves focus on the fingers and thumbs, if you're a tablet typist, you'll appreciate having all ten digits ready to tap away. Stay warm, stay connected, and conquer winter with style and functionality!

The best touchscreen gloves to buy now

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How we test

There is only one way to test touchscreen gloves: by wearing them in cold weather while trying to operate our smartphones. As well as making sure the gloves fit the purpose, we also look at other features, such as warmth, comfort, flexibility and style. There isn't one touchscreen glove that ticks all the boxes; some are better for keeping your hands warm, while others allow you to operate your smart device more easily. We rank each pair based on these criteria to decide which is best overall and best suited for specific purposes.


Do touchscreen gloves really work?

Yes, touchscreen gloves are designed with conductive materials in the fingertips that allow you to interact with touchscreen devices while keeping your hands warm. These gloves typically have conductive threads or materials in the thumb and index finger, enabling you to tap, swipe, and perform various touch gestures on screens.

While they may not offer the same precision as using your bare fingers, touchscreen gloves are effective in providing basic functionality without exposing your hands to cold weather. It's essential to choose high-quality gloves and ensure they fit well for optimal touchscreen responsiveness.

How do digital touch gloves work?

Digital touch gloves work by incorporating conductive materials into the fingertips or entire glove construction, allowing them to interact with touchscreen devices. These materials, often metallic fibers like silver or copper, enable electrical conductivity, mimicking the conductivity of the human skin. When wearing these gloves and touching a touchscreen device, the conductive material transfers the electrical charge from your fingers to the screen, enabling touch functionality without the need to remove the gloves.

Can you wash touchscreen gloves?

Yes, touchscreen gloves can typically be washed. However, it's important to check the manufacturer's instructions or label for specific washing guidelines to avoid damaging the gloves. In general, it's recommended to hand wash them with mild detergent and cold water, then air dry them flat to maintain their integrity and functionality. Some touch screen gloves may also be machine washable on a gentle cycle, but always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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