Best T-Shirts for men 2018: keep cool and casual with these tees

T-Shirts are the essential casual item – make sure you have a selection of the best

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The T-shirt is one of the most basic garments you can buy. While it can be easy to overlook the art of selection because of this fact, picking the right tee can have a big effect on style and how good your outfits feel.

We've done a round-up of the best T-shirts to buy right now to help you sift through the sea of choice. This list includes everything from the basic crew neck to the flashy statement piece.

Whether you’re looking for the best T-shirt brand, or just a way to refresh your wardrobe for summer, we’ve got you covered.

How to choose the best T-shirt

T-shirts are unisex shirts designed with a round, collarless ‘crew neck’ or V-neck. Although you can wear a V-neck as an outer garment, its low neckline allows it to be hidden when worn beneath an outer shirt. 

Other designs include the printed (or graphic) T-shirt, the long-sleeve and the striped T-shirt.

The most basic of all tees is the white crew neck. It's the most simple and versatile T-shirt you can own. You can wear it under an outer shirt or as an outer shirt depending on the outfit. 

The graphic tee is always a popular choice. You've seen them many times – often loaded with cheesy puns and ironic statements – featuring your favourite bands or cultural icons from yesteryear. 

Graphic tees can be nostalgic and fun depending on what you’re after. But their gimmicky nature often makes them short-lived impulse purchases.

Being a basic item, should you spend big on T-shirts? That's a personal choice, of course, but we’d recommend sorting the low-quality tees from the overpriced to find the right balance for your needs and budget. 

Being in contact with your skin, along with its central position in an outfit, it's always worth investing in quality. But if value for money is less of a factor, there are also plenty of high-quality designer tees if you're going all in.

The 7 best T-Shirts for men

1. Acne Studios Edvin

The basic white tee done right

Reasons to buy
+All-rounder+Thick cotton
Reasons to avoid
-Not the absolute cheapest

Acne Studios knows how to get its basics right and it has done just that with the 'Edvin' T-shirt. This jersey-style piece is cut from thick stretch-cotton and is simple enough to wear in or out. The thick cotton is a strong selling point, as white tees can often lose their new look quite fast, so investing in quality, when there are certainly cheaper options out there, is worth it.

2. Lacoste Pima

A comfortable staple in a variety of colours

Reasons to buy
+Simplicity+Works with smart casual attire
Reasons to avoid

While Lacoste is known primarily for its polo shirts, you can’t go wrong with a quality crew neck tee from the brand. Made entirely of cotton, this is an everyday item that is versatile enough to dress down with shorts and flip flops or for wearing out to casual social events.

3. Vetements x DHL

The ultimate meme shirt

Reasons to buy
+A T-shirt with a reputation+Strong statement piece
Reasons to avoid
-Not exactly understated

Even though Vetements x DHL first dropped during SS16, it’s still kicking on. The SS18 capsule collection dropped on Mr Porter’s website a few weeks ago, meaning you can once again buy one of these coveted statement pieces at retail. This jersey is constructed from soft cotton and piqué in yellow, red and black, with tonally embroidered highlights. While this shirt will attract knowing nods from fashion heads, the price of entry is a cool £395.

4. Y-3 Organic Cotton Piqué

High on both style and comfort

Reasons to buy
+Stylish extended hem+Comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal in hot weather

Yohji Yamamoto’s collaboration with Adidas on the popular Y-3 line is one of the best examples of a successful merging of fashion and sportswear. This long-sleeve T-shirt is constructed using organic cotton piqué, meaning it’s light and durable, and with an extended curved hem that’ll add understated style to your outfit.

5. Off-White x Champion

A great collaboration featuring quality garments like this

Reasons to buy
+Comfort+Makes a statement
Reasons to avoid
-Not understated

Champion’s reverse weave is one of the most durable fabrics you’ll find in any garment. Add to that some Off-White detailing and you’ve got a T-shirt with loads of comfort and style. This yellow jersey, forming part of the Off-White x Champion Reverse Weave collaboration, features a rib-knit crew neck collar and both printed and embroidered logos. Tonal stitching adds a subtle flavour, while black Off-White graphics on the front hem and back make a statement.

6. Comme des Garçons Play

Playful graphics make this a must-have

Reasons to buy
+Strong branding+Tonal prints
Reasons to avoid
-Too casual for some situations

This simple black crew neck tee from Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons is high on play, just as the name implies. While you might have seen a few of CdG’s Hearts on a pair of Chuck Taylors, the graphic has been enlarged for this shirt. It’s printed here in tonal black, however, to keep it subtle. Tonal stitching and graphic print above the rear hem round out the detailing.

7. Sasquatchfabrix Black Velour

For when comfort should be flaunted

Reasons to buy
+Styling options+Overt cosiness
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal in hot weather

This short-sleeve black velour tee from Sasquatchfabrix. is stylish but, even more than that, is an outward symbol of comfort. Designed with a rib-knit crew neck collar and featuring a patch pocket, this is certainly a stylish T-shirt. However, there is no cotton to be found here, so breathability is something to bear in mind before making a purchase. Best worn with dark complementary attire, the way this piece softly reflects light adds to the cosy style.