The best slippers for men 2018: slip into a pair of these warm, comfortable, and stylish mules

From traditional looking moccasins to classic slip-ons; we bring to you the best men’s slippers for those lazy Sundays at home.

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Slippers may not be something many men consider buying. However, when winter rolls around, wouldn’t you much rather keep your feet toasty in something stylish than nick your partner’s pink and fluffy pair of socks? (Which I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about either). 

Luckily for you, we've collected the best slippers around, from traditional looking moccasins to classic slip-ons.

How to choose the best slippers

Although they keep you very warm, not all slippers have to be giant fluffy things that make you look like some sort of yeti (unless you want novelty, of course). In fact, some of the best men’s slippers look extremely smart and come in a range of materials including suede, leather and sheepskin. Styles include moccasins, slip-ons and boots if you do want to go for ultimate comfort over style. 

Slippers are much comfier, warmer and safer to be wearing around the house than just wandering around barefoot or in socks, and since they’re just for lounging at home, no one has to see you if you do fancy yourself a pair of fluffy unicorn slippers! 

We’ve picked out some of the best men’s slippers on the market right now that cater to all styles and budgets. 

Take your pick and make sure they’re on your Christmas list this year.

The best slippers for men:

Mahabis Classic Slipper

1. Mahabis Classic Slipper

A functional slipper that’s great for indoors and outdoors

Best for: Sunday gardening
Colours: Grey, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Beige, Yellow
Type: Slip on mule
Reasons to buy
+Rubber soles+Super comfy

The relatively new brand, Mahabis, set out with a goal to re-invent the slipper. As a result they have produced an interchangeable slipper design for men and women that focusses on incorporating design simplicity and versatile functionality. For those who like to potter about the house and garden on the weekend, these are the ultimate slipper. Whether you’re collecting the morning newspaper, taking out the bins or watering the pot plants, the interchangeable plastic soles allow you to go in and out of the house without getting your slippers dirty. Mahabis have incorporated a 100% lambswool interior too, which they say will keep your feet nice and toasty without overheating - a great all year round pair, from the creators of the 'modern slipper'. Just pick your ideal slipper colour from the grey colour palette and select your sole colour from its rainbow selection and you've got a stylish house slipper that's perfect for outdoors too.

Totes isotoner Mens Moccasin Slippers

2. Totes isotoner Mens Moccasin Slippers

Super comfy and they look like driving shoes

Best for: Comfort
Colours: Black, Navy, Tan
Type: Moccasin
Reasons to buy
+Smart style+Padded soles

Due to their foam layers and unique Pillowstep technology, these moccasins are incredibly structured slippers which are great for superior comfort when going about your daily chores. With a driving sole, they provide additional heel support, and reviewers commend its durability and quality. At an RRP of £25.00, these are a great gift idea and reviewers seem to have no complaints about the quality. If you are a looking for a slipper that has some structure and won't leave you walking around the house with your ankles rolling in, these mens moccasin slippers might be what you are after.

Derek Rose Crawford Shearling Lined Suede Slippers

3. Derek Rose Crawford Shearling Lined Suede Slippers

Designer feel and comfort for lounging in style

Best for: Gentlemen
Colours: Black
Type: Shoe slip on
Reasons to buy
+Plain and simple+Good soles

These are a slipper for the men who don't do slippers. For the stylish gentlemen of the world, these simple but elegant shoe-style slippers are great for lounging around the house without compromising on elegance. Thanks to the hand-finished suede upper and the structured leather sole, they ooze gentlemen’s chic and paired with a luxury robe or smoking jacket when chilling in an armchair with a cigar - if that's your lifestyle - make for an elegant lounge style. If you cringe at the thought of novelty slippers and want a pair of house shoes that are as elegant as the other shoes in your shoe closet, these slip-ons from Derek Rose prove that you don't have to compromise.  

KINGSMAN+ George Cleverley Windsor Leather Trimmed Embroidered Cashmere Slippers

4. KINGSMAN+ George Cleverley Windsor Leather Trimmed Embroidered Cashmere Slippers

A luxury slipper that oozes designer style

Best for: Investment piece
Colours: Navy
Type: Loafer-style slipper
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy slipper for indoor use+Smart design

These Kingsman inspired velvet slippers look super smart and more reminiscent of an evening shoe than a pair of indoor shoes. With their leather lining and Cashmere outer, there's no denying their lavishness, making them the perfect accompaniment to a smoking jacket or even a tux if you're entertaining inside. They may be the most expensive slippers you might ever come across, but if you’ve got the cash to splash, and want to invest in designer slippers, take the punt.

TOMS Berkley Slipper

5. TOMS Berkley Slipper

A comfy slipper with a subtle design

Best for: Value for money
Colours: Grey, Black
Type: Slip on mule
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Sturdy soles 
Reasons to avoid

The TOMS Berkley Slipper is a sleek and modern design that is a safe option for those who hate novelty slippers. If you liked the look of the Mahabis but don’t want to pay that much for slippers, these are an affordable alternative that look and feel great thanks to Faux Sherling lining and gum rubber sole. Made with sturdy soles for indoor and outdoor use, these slippers are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a modern house slipper. The ever-popular subtle grey colour way makes these mens slippers a muted and understated choice.

Star Wars Jedi Slippers

6. Star Wars Jedi Slippers

Novelty slipper ideal for Star Wars fans

Best for: Star Wars lovers
Colours: Tan
Type: slip on
Reasons to buy
+Not too garish +Easy slip ons

These Star Wars slippers are ideal for any budding Jedi master and they come with a simple design and easy slip on style; making them perfect for evenings at home. It is very often the case that novelty slippers take the loud designs a bit too far, but the subtle branding of these Jedi slippers make them a great buy for Star Wars super-fans. The sole is quite spongy, however it has been noted that the sole loses its height over time. For £10.99 these are a fun stocking filler that you can’t go wrong with. For any Star Wars fans, these are a must-have gift.

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

7. Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

A cosy slipper for the outdoorsman

Best for: Outdoorsy men
Colours: Brown, Grey, Green
Type: slip-on mule
Reasons to buy
+Super cosy+Wool interior

With the routes of Sorel deriving from Canada, there's every reason why the Falcon Ridge Slipper is the beast of all slippers. They come with a wool-blend lining and removable EVA insole for ultimate comfort - though some reviewers mention it gets a bit hot in the summer. They have a gum rubber sole so you won’t slip on hardwood floors and reviewers find it durable enough to withstand the odd trip to the garden. If your feet need warming up, these slippers inspired by the cold Canadian winters will warm you up. Remember to wear socks with these as reviewers say they can get dirty inside quickly.

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