Best shirts for men 2024: smart and casual shirts for your wardrobe

A stable of your wardrobe, look sharp with this selection of formal dress shirts and casual shirts

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Picking the best shirt for work or a formal event, especially when pairing it with a suit and tie, is not so easy at first glance. But if you're an adult male, chances are you'll spend most of the working week and weekend in a shirt, so feeling comfortable and looking sharp is certainly important. Knowing what to look for and how to wear it are the first steps to choosing the right work shirt. But where to begin? 

Firstly, you must decide how big you’d like your rotation to be and what is currently missing from your wardrobe. Then look at how you’d like to pitch yourself through styling options. Are you looking for simplicity and comfort, or perhaps something to make a statement?

Whether you’re hunting for inspiration or ready to step up your power dressing game, below is a round-up of the best work shirts for men.

The best business shirts for men ranking 2024

There might be a dress code at your office or perhaps you’re free to choose what you like. With that in mind, the most basic type of work shirt is a simple white or blue long-sleeved shirt. You can’t go wrong with these. A simple long-sleeve will carry you through most professional environments and also carry to events outside of work.

Never be tempted by short-sleeve shirts. They may seem like a good idea when it's hot outside, but ultimately they make you look like a school boy. Instead opt for a lighter fabric, such as linen.

Colour is an important consideration when buying a work shirt. At the very least, if you stock up on neutral colours like black, white and navy then you’ve got a versatile setup with shirts that can transition between seasons and events. Going for a printed design can also change your style up. The aim with printed shirts is to add character to your ‘fit. 

While this can make matching with suits a little trickier, it’s worth the effort for a more vibrant look. But if you’re unsure, an easy workaround is to go for printed shirts with neutral colours.

The best casual shirts for men ranking 2024

All rules are out of the window when it comes to casual shirts, you can pick whichever matches your style. As workplaces are becoming less formal, casual shirts are also becoming more and more popular, giving men the opportunity to have one shirt for a variety of different events or get togethers. Understanding the details that make up a casual shirt helps to appreciate each component so we'll take a look at these details together. 

The right fabric is essential for a casual shirt. As the name suggests, you'll want to be comfortable no matter what you're doing, and soft fabrics such as linen or corduroy are great for this. You also won’t see any French cuffs on a casual shirt, with the most common cuffs being barrel cuffs with squared off edges.

Casual shirts can also be worn as a single layer, or paired with a t-shirt and left unbuttoned. If you want to be bang on trend, opt for a camp collar, or bold patterned shirt. Casual shirts are also naturally worn untucked so you'll want to make sure your shirt's hemline is rounded. 

How to choose the best shirt for you

First of all, you've got to decide what type of shirt you're after. We've selected the best formal dress shirts, business shirts, and casual shirts here, to cover you for every occasion.

Dress shirts are the most formal, intended to be worn with a tuxedo and black tie. You'll want to have the best steam iron for these, or get them professionally cleaned and pressed. Business shirts are perfect for the office, while casual shirts are ideal for more relaxed environments. 

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